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Jenny and Johnny at Laneway Festival 2011

Jenny and Johnny play The Park on Friday, and anyone who has listened to their recent album knows  that this pair are a humorous, intelligent duo with great musical chops who will be worth getting to The Park to see.

I saw them at Sydney’s Laneway Festival in February and they were excellent. Put them on your must see list !

A few photo’s below taken at said gig, by the way if you get close enough and its a windy day you might want to check to see if Jenny is sans under pants as she was at Laneway.


Warpaint at the 2011 Laneway Festival

Warpaint at Laneway Festival in Sydney in early 2011, they were fantastic and will be even better at Glastonbury. Make sure you get to see them, they play twice, on The Park on Friday and JP Tent on the Saturday.

So no excuses



Warpaint at Laneway

2 massive bands are on at The Park on The Friday not to mention the Special Guest whoever that maybe.

The 2 bands I am talking about are Warpaint and Jenny and Johnny. I saw both these bands at The Laneway Festival in Sydney recently. You can see the reviews in this blog previously.

Warpaint were one of the first bands confirmed for Glastonbury, and should be high on everybody’s list to see, lucky they are playing twice, I say lucky because I will probably miss them at The Park.

The reason is I find it hard to see bands there. I think you either love it or hate it. The Park that is. I find it hard to get  a drink, there is no shade from the weather, whether raining or like last year when its hot as hell.

Lots of people obviously stay there all day and some wait especially for the Special Guest. Headlining the Friday night are Glasto regulars Crystal Castle which will be worth catching.

Warpaint – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


The clear highlight for me at Laneway were Warpaint, they are truly an amazing band.
Their debut was one of last years highlights and their 40 minute set showed that they are just as impressive live as they are on record.
For the uninitiated Warpaint are a 4 piece all girl band, 3 from California and their amazing drummer a homegrown Aussie.
They bombard you with a sensual overload of all out guitar rock combined with Phil Spector ish wall of sound vocals, with all 3 front girls chiming in with their melodic harmonies.
Are Warpaint a must see at Glastonbury, you bet! The Girls have already been confirmed so obviously the Glasto bookers are as hyped about Warpaint as I am.
Not only are Warpaint on my Laminated Clashfinder, but they are truly one of the bands I will definitely not miss.

Cloud Control – Laneway Festival – 06/02/11


Cloud Control are taking over Australia, since I saw them last, supporting The Magic Numbers they have won numerous best album awards, been on a headline tour of Oz themselves and been to the UK to tour and take over Europe as well.
They are not a typical Aussie band, they are not a rock band an electro band or a one of the new breed folk bands.
They play infectious pop, a la Two door , Wombats etc, but with their own particular aussieness, and the crowds lap it up.
I wasn’t planning on seeing CC but Beach House were boring me senseless, I was miles from the front and had a tree in front of me, so I wandered off thinking it might be easier to view CC.
I was wrong their stage was packed and it was going off. Everyone knew all the songs it was a rare Aussie singalong gig.
I’m not sure when their album is released in the UK or if they are playing Glasto, but my recommendation is buy and see.


Stornoway – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


As Stornoway came on the wind increased and the day changed from a beautiful 35 degree day into what was eventually a miserable 18 degree day.
I mention this as Stornoway’s chatty Lead Singer talked about the weather a lot. Especially mentioning Queenslands recent cyclone as a tornado.
I hope it wasn’t a joke.
Stornoway played most of their debut album to an adoring crowd, they seemed to ramp it up every time their violinist hit the stage.
It was a perfect set for a perfect set time of about 1pm and I was glad to finally get to see them after missing them at the past 2 Glastonbury’s.
I think they have already self confirmed for this year and they are a safe bet for a a good time wherever and whenever they play.

The Antlers – Laneway Festival – 08/02/2011


Laneway Festival had an amazing lineup, which was showcased with The Antlers been first up on the second stage. Called the Clocktower this was a tiny area, where it was hard to move from once in and hard to get into if not already there.
The Antlers are a duo from Baltimore who have been getting rave reviews for their latest album named Hospice. supposedly it is about losing people who are living in a hospice. I am sure  I will get a few comments that its is a lot more than that but I haven’t listened to it so can’t really comment.

They have a new album out shortly May the 10th in fact titled Burst Apart so I imagine we will see them at Glastonbury.

So not having bought the album  I didn’t really know what to expect from this floppy haired pair.
Their sound was pretty cool and they had a lot of fans, they were interesting rather than sensational, nonetheless it was a great start to the day.

Keep an eye out for them, I would think they will play the Queens Head or John Peel early in the day

Jenny and Johnny – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


Hey getting behind with the blog, so just a small update, this is a clip of Jenny and Johnny at the Laneway Festival recently held in Sydney. My first muck around with imovies. The Audio was so bad i have stuck another song over it. My Pet Snake.

Jenny and Johnny were brilliant, they really do rock, Jenny is a pure rock chick, if you meet her in real life I reckon she would scare you.

Definitely check them out at Glastonbury if you haven’t seen them. It was really windy when they played, and it appeared Jenny was not wearing underwear. I did not catch that.

Glastoblogger Top Ten Albums of 2010 – No 3 – Warpaint – The Fool

Veruca Salt 2005

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One of the BBC Sounds of 2011, Warpaint are stunning, their sound has more layers than Inception. At their worst they remind me of Veruca Salt, a favourite of mine from the 90’s, at their best they are a dreamy concoction of Portishead and Oasis.
This album is a trip that you need to be riding. If you don’t believe me check out the Majestic Majesty or the subtle Undertow.
Sydney’s Laneway Festival has Warpaint playing and they are one of the must see bands of that day.
On Glastowatch they most definitely will be playing, I would hazard a guess that they will get an early Other Stage gig and play in the evening somewhere possibly The Queens Head. Stick them on your laminated Clashfinder.

Glastoblogger Top Ten Albums of 2010 – No 4 – Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History


This is without doubt the best pop record of 2010, if this was the Grammy’ s there would be an award for this album, Best Pop record by a British band with boy band looks but dark meaningful lyrics. Two Door are freaken awesome.
A Glasto fav ( for me ) they must be back for 2011, possibly headlining The John Peel tent, maybe that’s a bit hopeful, a mid afternoon Other Stage, who knows , I don’t.