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Pendulum at Glastonbury 2009

Mighty live band are Pendulum. I don’t personally care for their recorded output, but their headline show on The Other Stage in 2009 was one of my absolute highlights. Live they just lift their game they spread their wings, adding the English MC Verse which seems to make all the difference.

Photo’s below are not very good, but I think they give  you a little of  the atmosphere that they are able to generate live.

If like me you chose to go to the Pyramid Stage rarely, Pendulum are as good a choice as any to see there.


Sunday on the Pyramid Stage

Glastonbury ends the week with another slice of American pop. Last year it was Stevie Wonder, this year it is Beyonce. I nearly went to see Stevie last year, but the massive crowd, the biggest I have ever seen at the Pyramid was a massive turn off. This year you won’t find me within a mile to see Beyonce. Well thats not strictly true because there is a good chance I will be there before her to see Pendulum. I saw them in 2009 on the Other Stage and they were one of my highlights. I hadn’t heard any of there stuff but they blew me away.
The only reason I may not see them is my fear of the Pyramid Stage and the massive crowds that are there, I prefer some of the smaller stages.
The rest of the Sunday lineup is pretty much mainstream pop and pretty disappointing, the likes of Don McLean and Paul Simon should be found at the Harvest Festival or on the

Avalon Stage not propping up a tired day at the Pyramid Stage. For me the only other singer I would bother with would be Laura Marling, whose last album is sublime, but I would prefer to see her somewhere much more intimate than at the huge expanses of the Pyramid.


There are plenty of clashes on the Friday, which are going to be hard to avoid, however I have reduced the number of bands I want to see on the Friday to only 26 of which 7 I have seen before.
It’s certainly going to be hard to miss some of them, but it has to be done.
So let me give you a few clues on how my day maybe spent. I am going on the Clashfinder times, which change right on up to the day so that’s why I don’t rule anything out at this stage.
It looks likely that Cocoon are going to be the first band of the day as there seems like no clashes first up.
Next up may well be decided by the weather, in the running are Metronomy, Brother and Stonefield. Third band of the day will be between Two Door Cinema Club, The Naked and the Famous and Mona, although I haven’t ruled out Dry the River. Next looks likely to be The Vaccines but Miles Kane and Summer Camp are in the running. Jenny and Johnny are hard to place at the moment as they are on at The Park it’s pretty unlikely.
The Wombats go head to head with Warpaint and Newton Faulkner in what is looking like the hardest decision of the day. Bright Eyes and Fleet Foxes look like they will be up against no one unless the Dance Vibe takes over from the Folk vibe.
Mumford & Sons looks odds on against Morrissey and it should be Primal Scream to finish off the Day meaning U2 and Fatboy Slim miss out.
So in Reverse order headliner to opener here is my opening gambit in regards to Friday
Primal Scream
Mumford & Sons
Fleet Foxes
Bright Eyes
The Wombats
The Vaccines
The Naked and The Famous
Stone field

So a long day at the Other Stage which in reality is unlikely.

Pyramid Stage


The Pyramid Stage is as close to an icon of British music as a stage at a festival could get.

It is there that nearly every year the greats and must sees of world music play.

Last year was certainly no exception with The Boss , Neil Young and Blur, headlining.

Of course it is not always the headliners that always make the news and with Kasabian, Lilly Allen and The Specials amongst others playing last year  it was a bumper year for Main Stage goers.

Of Course this year is no different. Muse will certainly rock the joint and Stevie will appeal to the more laidback as he closes the main arena.

The Gorillaz have been announced as U2’s replacements and they should be a highlight of Friday night. This means Damon Albarn will go from closing Sunday night last year to the next year headlining the Friday.  It could also be a star-studded show with a host of Gorillaz favourites playing at theFestival.

The Pyramid Stage  just seems to get bigger year after year, some of the past highlights have included Oasis and Radiohead and of course Blur last year.

If you have never been to Glastonbury before then you have to see at least one of the headline acts play.

The place will be a buzzing.