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Glastoblogger Top Ten Albums of 2010 – No 2 – Foals – Total Life Forever

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A sensational album, The Foals second record is head and shoulders better than their first, this record sees them hit the big time, they must have been close to winning the Mercury.

Spanish Sahara simply the best tune of 2010, but hte rest of the record is simply awesome as well. I bet Liam Gallagher hates it.




Like The National, I missed the Foals at Glasto and  I am devasated that I did.
The first time I really heard them was at The BBC introducing stage where in between bands they were playing a real wicked song. We shazamed it and found out it was Cassius by the Foals. Ever since then I have been wanting to get their albums but hadn’t got round to it. This week I finally bought the second. Record Total life Forever and I wish I had done it sooner.
Now don’t get me wrong I love the XX but this is nearly as good and must have been a close run thing for winning the Mercury Prize award.
The album starts off slowly building it’s way up until it hits it’s stride with 3 absolute belters in tracks 4,5 and 6 and Spanish Sahara is definitely one of the tracks of the year.

This is a stunning second album that I implore everyone to get. Currently only 5.99 on itunes