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Jenny and Johnny at Laneway Festival 2011

Jenny and Johnny play The Park on Friday, and anyone who has listened to their recent album knows  that this pair are a humorous, intelligent duo with great musical chops who will be worth getting to The Park to see.

I saw them at Sydney’s Laneway Festival in February and they were excellent. Put them on your must see list !

A few photo’s below taken at said gig, by the way if you get close enough and its a windy day you might want to check to see if Jenny is sans under pants as she was at Laneway.


The Antlers – Laneway Festival – 08/02/2011


Laneway Festival had an amazing lineup, which was showcased with The Antlers been first up on the second stage. Called the Clocktower this was a tiny area, where it was hard to move from once in and hard to get into if not already there.
The Antlers are a duo from Baltimore who have been getting rave reviews for their latest album named Hospice. supposedly it is about losing people who are living in a hospice. I am sure  I will get a few comments that its is a lot more than that but I haven’t listened to it so can’t really comment.

They have a new album out shortly May the 10th in fact titled Burst Apart so I imagine we will see them at Glastonbury.

So not having bought the album  I didn’t really know what to expect from this floppy haired pair.
Their sound was pretty cool and they had a lot of fans, they were interesting rather than sensational, nonetheless it was a great start to the day.

Keep an eye out for them, I would think they will play the Queens Head or John Peel early in the day

Jenny and Johnny – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


Hey getting behind with the blog, so just a small update, this is a clip of Jenny and Johnny at the Laneway Festival recently held in Sydney. My first muck around with imovies. The Audio was so bad i have stuck another song over it. My Pet Snake.

Jenny and Johnny were brilliant, they really do rock, Jenny is a pure rock chick, if you meet her in real life I reckon she would scare you.

Definitely check them out at Glastonbury if you haven’t seen them. It was really windy when they played, and it appeared Jenny was not wearing underwear. I did not catch that.