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Sunday at Glasto 2011

Here it is the final day at Glastonbury. There are loads of great bands to finish off the week, and with Foster the People possibly one of the absolute highlights of the weekend.

So for one last time my line up for what its worth.

Esben and the Witch
Foster the People
The Joy Formidable
Bombay Bicycle Club
The Vaccines
Queens of the Stone Age


Sunday at Leftfield and only 17 days to Go

Sorry Billy Bragg but one of the lowlights of my 2010 festival was the time I spent at Leftfield. Admittedly I was feeling a bit crap, but I left halfway through the extended rant at bankers and went and had a beer at the bar opposite. So it it unlikely that I would visit or recommend going to Billy’s big round up.
It is quite an eclectic mix on the Sunday evening with 12 piece ensemble Bellowhead headlining.
It has been announced recently that Hard Fi will headline the Saturday, I’m a big fan of Hard Fi, seeing them during their triumphant 39 night run at Brixton Academy back in 06. In fact Billy Bragg supported them, so there association goes back a number of years.
In fact With Kid British on before them Saturday night at Leftfield looks quite appealing.

Sunday at the Acoustic Tent

I wasn’t really going to preview the Sunday at the Acoustic Tent, because I didn’t really fancy anything, but then I read the article about the tent on the official website and had to put something more on the blog. It’s a great article and makes me feel shit that I haven’t been in the past couple of years. I do remember the Portishead debacle, we didn’t go see them because the rumors all day was that it was just getting more and more packed and you wouldn’t get a sniff of seeing them, seems that was true. Headlining on Sunday is Suzanne Vega and I am sure she will be great. Deacon Blue headline the Saturday a real blast from the past.
Now though what was previoulsy only pencilled in, Newton Faulkner on the Friday is a definite. I plan on going for dinner and a few beers and spend a nice leisurely Friday evening there. Now I just have to work out hoe to get there.

Sunday at the Avalon Stage

I haven’t reviewed the Avalon Stage previously, but as stages go it’s pretty good, and would be a 2nd stage at a lot of festivals. On the Friday, Kt Tunstell, The Beat and Barenaked Ladies are playing which is pretty impressive. On the Saturday one of my Favorites Newton Faulkner returns to the stage after a well received performance last year, but the Sunday is without parallel.
Opening up on the Sunday are Emerging talent finalists Louise and the Pins check them out at for more information and a video of them.
Also early on are one of my all time favorite bands The Wombles. I actually saw them live when I was about 8, I hope I was about eight because any older than that and that admission becomes a bit embarrassing. The Wombles writer Mike Batt sure knows how to write a tune, and I am sure that the place will be packed to the gills. Later in the evening areThe Low Anthem and City and Colour and again I think the place will be packed for 2 of the more interesting bands from the other side of the Atlantic.
The Avalon Stage has outdone itself this year, I really hope I finally make it here to see someone this year.

Sunday at the Other Stage

A bit of a mixed bag on my favorite main stage for the Sunday. Dan Mangan starts the proceedings, I stopped off to see him open the JP tent on the Sunday last year but wasn’t that impressed. Clare Maguire is up next, to me she is the least talented of the female singers that have arrived on our doorstop in the last year or two. I haven’t seen the Cold War Kids but know loads of people who rate them and Noisettes are not my cup of tea. So it’s Bombay Bicycle Club who will probably be the first band I will trot up to see on the Sunday on the Other Stage, I loved their last album which is acoustic, so will be interesting to see how they go on the big stage. Like Laura Marling a more intimate stage would have been preferable although they have their rockier sound to fall back on. I will give TV on the Radio a miss and also The Eels. I must admit a guilty pleasure for the Kaiser Chiefs who have a great back catalogue and some fabulous tunes, and what a contrast to Beyonce we have headlining, QOTSA, I never thought I would write that abbreviation in my Glasto blog. Anyway I am told that they are awesome live and it’s not worth listening to any of their albums as they go off on complete tangents when they play. I wonder if they will get Dave Grohl to play with them.


It looks like East Dance will start quiet, then get all the teenager pop lovers along and finish off with a hell of a party.
The 2 big pop chicks will certainly get things going Katy B and Keisha, the purist’s amongst us may laugh and be nowhere near East Dance but this is what makes Glastonbury great, that they have 2 of the bright young things of pop from either side of the Atlantic, belting out their hits.

Katy B at Dance East - Friday

Imagine Reading and Leeds or other festivals having the balls to have both of them playing and then having them playing such a small area.
Dance East finishes with a real bang, I have always said I want to see Fatboy Slim at Glastonbury and maybe I will this time, The Fatster headline’s but is also doing back to back with the Man with 3 decks, Carl Cox.
I’m not sure how often these guys get together, but it’s not that often you get to see 2 legends of dance play together.



New Zealand’s best band get a great Friday Other Stage gig and going by this, their debut album they will be well worth going and seeing. Recent winners of the NME best new band award, they also played the main stage at Big Day Out this year, so they are definitely on everyone’s radar and should be on your’s.
Passive me Aggressive You Is the album Mgmt should have come up with but didn’t. Does this mean that NAF are just a copy band of Mgmt. The answer to this is no, they have definitely got their own sound , they surely take the best bits of Mgmt but they add the 80’s pop sensibility of New Zealand’s other pop star Ladyhawke.
Passive Me’s obvious hit and best tune is Punching in a Dream, but there are plenty of other great tracks to keep you coming back for more.
Pop Debut of the year? Possibly. Well worth anyone’s hard-earned, go out and listen for yourself.

Guide to Getting a Ticket

There is a lot of misinformation about purchasing tickets. So as one who got a ticket in Feb last year and not in October, here is my guide to purchasing tickets.
Make sure that you have all Registration numbers for everyone in your party.
Have at least 2 people attempting to purchase the tickets.
Have a twitter account with the Glastonbury Festival page open.
Have facebook with the Glastonbury Festival page open.
Start trying to buy on line at exactly 9am on the 3rd of October. Keep trying until you are successful or until either Facebook or Twitter tell you it is sold out. Do not believe See Tickets.

That’s it really follow this guide and you will get a ticket. Deviate from it however at your peril.


This is the National’s fifth album and the first that I have listened to. formed in 1999 they are a 5 piece with a lead singer Matt Beringer and two sets of brothers.

So I would like to say is how fucking good are The National.

Starting with Terrible love a rock n roll tribute similar in scope to Bittersweet Symphony.
After that they change the form of the album completely.
What is in the water in the Americas that they can produce Arcade Fire and  The National, I can’t remember loving the US so much since the days of Rem and Nirvana .
This is 51 minutes of unbridled unexpected joy. Why didn’t anyone tell me about them before the Glasto trip .
Afraid of everyone continues for me the Verve type of intensity without resorting to Richard Ashcroft hysterics. This is a band who knows what they want to say and how they want to see it.
High Violet is a unique record.
I suggest anyone who has read this blog and said hey I agree with that guy and doesnt yet own the Nationals latest album goes to their local our price or wollies and buy it. If you can’t find one of those spotify it or download it from iTunes even at the outrageous price of 7.99.
Listen to lemonworld it’s awesome I’m not sure what the fuck it’s about but what a great song. Every track is a beauty and I would say this record will be contesting a lot of critics top of the year charts later this year.

The Park

The Park area has an awesome view of Glastonbury and for this reason alone is worth visiting.
Emily Eavis apparently selects the bands to play and every year they get better.
Add to this the Surprise guests she usually musters up and the Park is a must see.

The Tipi Village is also close by so if you fancy watching a load of bands at the Park, staying in a tipi would be a natural progression.
We wanted to see a few bands this year at the Park but found it just to hot to stick around.
We did however have an awesome ice cream from a local ice cream company there before we sauntered away to find some shade.
So that’s the reason I missed Beach House and Stornoway this year as well as Radiohead and Biffy Clyro.
The heat definitely changed a lot of my preferences of who to see.