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Reviewed Bands 2011 – Non Glasto

Warpaint – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


The clear highlight for me at Laneway were Warpaint, they are truly an amazing band.
Their debut was one of last years highlights and their 40 minute set showed that they are just as impressive live as they are on record.
For the uninitiated Warpaint are a 4 piece all girl band, 3 from California and their amazing drummer a homegrown Aussie.
They bombard you with a sensual overload of all out guitar rock combined with Phil Spector ish wall of sound vocals, with all 3 front girls chiming in with their melodic harmonies.
Are Warpaint a must see at Glastonbury, you bet! The Girls have already been confirmed so obviously the Glasto bookers are as hyped about Warpaint as I am.
Not only are Warpaint on my Laminated Clashfinder, but they are truly one of the bands I will definitely not miss.


Stornoway – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


As Stornoway came on the wind increased and the day changed from a beautiful 35 degree day into what was eventually a miserable 18 degree day.
I mention this as Stornoway’s chatty Lead Singer talked about the weather a lot. Especially mentioning Queenslands recent cyclone as a tornado.
I hope it wasn’t a joke.
Stornoway played most of their debut album to an adoring crowd, they seemed to ramp it up every time their violinist hit the stage.
It was a perfect set for a perfect set time of about 1pm and I was glad to finally get to see them after missing them at the past 2 Glastonbury’s.
I think they have already self confirmed for this year and they are a safe bet for a a good time wherever and whenever they play.

The Antlers – Laneway Festival – 08/02/2011


Laneway Festival had an amazing lineup, which was showcased with The Antlers been first up on the second stage. Called the Clocktower this was a tiny area, where it was hard to move from once in and hard to get into if not already there.
The Antlers are a duo from Baltimore who have been getting rave reviews for their latest album named Hospice. supposedly it is about losing people who are living in a hospice. I am sure  I will get a few comments that its is a lot more than that but I haven’t listened to it so can’t really comment.

They have a new album out shortly May the 10th in fact titled Burst Apart so I imagine we will see them at Glastonbury.

So not having bought the album  I didn’t really know what to expect from this floppy haired pair.
Their sound was pretty cool and they had a lot of fans, they were interesting rather than sensational, nonetheless it was a great start to the day.

Keep an eye out for them, I would think they will play the Queens Head or John Peel early in the day

The National – Enmore Theatre – 08/01/2011


It might be to early to say gig of the year, but the National have thrown down an early marker with their storming set at the Enmore Theatre.
For the first time in ages I missed getting front row standing tickest but yet this wasn’t a problem as  The National’s sound filled the Theatre and some more. These boys have some cracking songs, amazing lyrics and are a tight live outfit.
They ran through most of High Violet chucking out Anyones Ghost early on, a highlight was Alligators, Mr November, and they ended with an acapella version of Vanderlay.
A truly memorable night. I’d you have the chance and haven’t already seen them make sure you catch up with The National. They are the band to see.

P.S Not sure why the photo has chopped off their heads, I have included it below

Jenny and Johnny – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


Hey getting behind with the blog, so just a small update, this is a clip of Jenny and Johnny at the Laneway Festival recently held in Sydney. My first muck around with imovies. The Audio was so bad i have stuck another song over it. My Pet Snake.

Jenny and Johnny were brilliant, they really do rock, Jenny is a pure rock chick, if you meet her in real life I reckon she would scare you.

Definitely check them out at Glastonbury if you haven’t seen them. It was really windy when they played, and it appeared Jenny was not wearing underwear. I did not catch that.

Middle East – Enmore Theatre – 08/01/2011

Middle east aren’t from the middle east they are from Townsville in Sunny North Queensland. I think they have missed most of the flooding up there so that’s good and now they seem to have missed most of the cyclone as well.

 My wife was born in Townsville that’s about all I know of it. Except that Middle east come from there.
Middle east opened for The National and a lot of people where on hand for their folksy take on Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes.
There must be so many bands doing it now that it’s getting to be a bit of a joke where’s the rock and roll, my god, I’m looking forward to Beady Eye.
Anyway the band were okay, like most Sipports they started slowly and worked their way into it, and by the end they were Folking out.
I understand they maybe heading to Europe as well, you might see them at a small tent near you some time soon.
They are fun and would be worth a listen.

Morning Benders – Oxford Arts Factory – 04/01/2011


Unfortunately my main memory of the over excitable Morning Benders is their incredibly accurate rendering of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.
Were in fact The Benders in a previous life a Fleetwood Mac cover band.
If you take a band like Fleetwood Mac and cover their stuff, you have to do it with a sense of irony, you must say, hey I listened to this in my parents record collection and thought I could punk it up, twist it about and fuck with your heads, you don’t say, hey I love Fleetwood Mac here is my Karaoke version of a mild-mannered soft rock song.
Apart from that dreary moment, MB were okay they filled the small venue that is the Oxford Arts Factory satisfactorily, they played mainly songs from their reasonable latest album. They have that dreamy rock pop feel of bands from LA without really taking it to another level.
In summary better than a night in front of the telly, but not the best band out there. If they play Glasto worth a look if nothing else is on and you’re not to far away from them.

John Steele Singers – Oxford Arts Factory – 04/01/2011


The John Steele Singers are one of Triple J‘s darlings.  They have the look and sound of the moment crossing between Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons.
They started a little apprehensively there sound been a little lost and the vocals were caught high up in the beams of the venue somewhere.
However they warmed into their slot nicely as the Keyboard/Brass section started to make themselves heard.
The Lead Singer has enough of a presence to get The Singers into their own headline slots before long at this type of venue.
Australia’s very own Folk Rock band that could be heading to the UK for the summer festivals.