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Pendulum at Glastonbury 2009

Mighty live band are Pendulum. I don’t personally care for their recorded output, but their headline show on The Other Stage in 2009 was one of my absolute highlights. Live they just lift their game they spread their wings, adding the English MC Verse which seems to make all the difference.

Photo’s below are not very good, but I think they give  you a little of  the atmosphere that they are able to generate live.

If like me you chose to go to the Pyramid Stage rarely, Pendulum are as good a choice as any to see there.


Jenny and Johnny at Laneway Festival 2011

Jenny and Johnny play The Park on Friday, and anyone who has listened to their recent album knows  that this pair are a humorous, intelligent duo with great musical chops who will be worth getting to The Park to see.

I saw them at Sydney’s Laneway Festival in February and they were excellent. Put them on your must see list !

A few photo’s below taken at said gig, by the way if you get close enough and its a windy day you might want to check to see if Jenny is sans under pants as she was at Laneway.

White Lies at Glastonbury 2009

Back again after a great performance in 2009 are White Lies, they are also back with their second album and should be worth watching. Personally I don’t think the second album is a patch on the first but it does have a few decent tracks and is in the same dark mood so fans should enjoy both albums live.

I saw them in 2009 twice, once at Glasto on the Other Stage and backed up a month later in Sydney. I did find their more intimate gig in  Sydney a bit disappointing  it seemed they were just going through the motions.

Saying that they do sound exactly like the records, so if you like their sound you will love them live.

They are back second to headline on Saturday night on the Other Stage, they are up against Elbow, so not sure if they will pull a huge crowd.

A few photo’s below of them back in 2009.