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I have recently had a comment one of my blogs, a review of Esben and the Witches recent album. Said comment can be checked out by heading to that particular blog 
Not only was my review disparaging but it really only focused on myself and my crappy day.
To this effect I acknowledge the harsh comments about my writing technique and style of review.
In my defence however I have previously said that my reviews and my writing are crap. I basically buy an album and say if I like it or not, on most occasions I do like the said purchased record as generally I am buying something I expect to like.

So far this year positive reviews have included Yuck, Anna Calvi , Joy Fomidable and British Sea Power.
When I do find something I don’t like it is a massive disappointment as I have spent a week listening to that music.
I was expecting big things from Esben and the Witch and for me it failed to deliver.
Anyway if you want track by track reviews of albums head to the NME I am here to give you my personal opinion, if you don’t like it don’t read it.
Comments are welcome but I prefer them to be critical of nature rather than personal.
I don’t like Esben that doesnt mean you can’t and also that I an in any way right or wrong it’s just an opinion.


Melbourne Cup – The race that stops a nation

Emirates Melbourne Cup


Today  is one of the biggest sporting occasions in Australia. The Melbourne Cup, this is the race that stops a nation.

Bart Cummings saddles the favourite this year, Bart has already won 12 previous cups and looks likely to add to his tally, So You Think, looks likely to start the shortest priced favourite in 50 years.

For what its worth my top 4 , there are 24 horses running, are,

1. So You Think – looks a champion and will probably win, but at $3.00 is a very short price

2. Shoot Out – Has been following so you think home in most races and will like the wet.

3. Descarado – Gai Waterhouse is another top trainer and the horse won the Caulfield Cup.

4. Harris tweed – New Zealand’s best chance of picking up the race.

Featured Photo is a view from the John Peel Tent

Splendour sideshows in Sydney

Sydney has been a hive of activity this week due to the splendour in the Grass sideshows. There have been so many bands here this week you could imagine it was London.
I was meant to go see the Strokes but because of the wife’s infirmity i.e pregnancy, I sold my tickets to that show.

Next up was the Magic Numbers. Of course I had seen them at Glastonbury but the Metro was altogether different. I decided early on that it was a big night out and by the time I got to the 1000 cap theater I was off my rocker.

I remember enjoying it and going off although the crowd itself was pretty laidback, which can happen here.

Then on Thursday it was time for Florence and the Machine, she has set up residency here playing 3 nights at Enmore Theater and a night at the Hordern Pavilion.

Well I can tell you she was brilliant, seeing a full hour and a half show was amazing. So of course the whole album was played which was great and a couple of new songs. She Punked up kiss with a fist, you’ve got the love bought the house down and dog days are over ended the nigh on an amazing high.

At the end someone up front gave her a gift basket and she seemed genuinely touched. Florence is massive in Australia. I think this is her 3rd trip downunder in less than 9 months. She is really working it, to become an absolute star.

The 2010 Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist is:

The Mercury nominations have been advised and it makes interesting reading from a Glastonbury perspective.

At least 8 of the nominations played at Glastonbury. Biffy Clyro played the Park as a surprise guest on the Saturday.
Although not my cup of tea, one of our neighbours Francesca had seen them about 4000 times in fact she was more or less a stalker as far as I could tell.

Mumford & Sons have been the big hit of the year and win at this would take them into the huge category and possibly a place on the Other Stage Next year.

Supposedly it is Paul Weller’s first ever nomination amazing for a man who last year won NME’s award for God like Genius.

My favourite album of the bunch is by the XX another who played Glasto.

Investment wise I think I will go out and buy the Foals and the Villagers as both bands have passed me by at the moment.

The 2010 Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist is:

Biffy Clyro – ‘Only Revolutions’
Corinne Bailey Rae – ‘The Sea’
Dizzee Rascal – ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’
Kit Downes Trio – ‘Golden’
Foals – ‘Total Life Forever’
I Am Kloot – ‘Sky At Night’
Laura Marling – ‘I Speak Because I Can’
Mumford And Sons – ‘Sigh No More’
Paul Weller – ‘Wake Up The Nation’
Villagers – ‘Becoming A Jackal’
Wild Beasts – ‘Two Dancers’
The XX – ‘XX’

Live blogging

Well I am on my way to Glastonbury. I am having a very over priced Stella in the Bambini Wine room at Sydney Airport watching Mexico beat France.
Sydney Airport has had an amazing upgrade, it has gone from the worst International Airport to a top tenner however I seem to be paying for the upgrade myself with the purcahse of 1 beer.
Yesterday I printed out the Clashfinder, laminated it, only to find this morning that it has now got the official times.
Oh well will give me something to study on the flight.
Gonna miss Englands match, unless I get stuck in Hong Kong, can’t wait to see the games played at a respectable hour though from Saturday.
Hopefully will be able to post a few blogs from my iPhone before Glasto starts.
Photo is of the Police at the Bar hopefully questioning them about their prices. By the way any guesses how much my pint was.

Update – World cup and other Stuff


Oops, England had it in the bag and let it slip so to speak. I hope the goalie gets another go for redemption as he will be persecuted back in blightly. I assume he already has been.

England had enough chances to win and should win their next 2 matches to easily qualify for the 2nd Round, although now it could be either as first or second. We will need to watch the USA to see how they do.

Australia play Germany tonight, well 4.30 am here, Darling Harbour in Sydney will be packed for the game, it is the Queens birthday holiday here tomorrow so everyone can get up and watch it and go back to bed, except those in Western Australia, who must have a different Queen as they celebrate it on another day.

After a week of rain here the past week has been beautiful I have been out and about using my new camera and at work we decorated our pods in a team from the World Cup my pod got New Zealand.

The featured photo is of an Italian and an Aussie getting into the world cup swing of things.

Of course Glastonbury is soon but it has moved into second place whilst the world cup starts up. I Fly out on Friday all going to plan landing Saturday.

A Puppy called Sookie


Sookie is my puppy, well she is nearly 18 months old, so she is nearly fully grown but still acts like a puppy.

She is part Poodle part king Charles Cavalier spaniel which makes her a Cavoodle. here are a couple of recent photo’s.

Also check out my new bog as well, part of a thing called the 365 Project, which means  I will be taking a photo a day for a year. The link is in my blogroll  links.  


Saturday at the Races


One thing I love to do just as much as going to Glastonbury, is going to the races. I am currently a member of the Australian Jockey Club. This doesn’t mean I am a Jockey, although I have often been mistaken for one,  it just means I can go to the races when they are on. Last Saturday was a terrible day in Sydney but I was able to get to the races with a few friends and take a few photo’s as well. I didn’t get any of the actual races because it was just about to miserable to go outside. I did however manage to get pretty drunk make enough money to come home even and get some photo’s included here.

The Wife and Bump and Viki

The Girls at the Races

Coming to London


16 days before I fly to London. So now I am thinking of a few things I can do in London before heading to Glastonbury on the Wednesday. I arrive on the Saturday, so hopefully once I get in we can watch a rape of the All Blacks playing and it’s the last day of Royal Ascot, so that should be a massive day. Will get in a few cans of Stella from the offey so no need to party to hard.

 On the Sunday will get up early with jet lag and go buy the news of the world. Then NZ, the All Whites play in Italy in their biggest football match in 28 years. 
I have to fit in a visit to my fav Chinese restaurant Wing Sing and Indian The Ajanta over the few days I am there. I usually can’t be arsed getting on the tube to much so won’t be doing to many touristy things. I always promise to visit people but again usually can’t be bothered, hey they could go to Glastonbury as well.

 I do love to have a few Guinesses there as I miss them here in Oz, quite a big difference in quality so will have to visit at least 1 pub at some stage. I usually buy the NME as well to get up to date with the latest music.
Then there is the trials and tribulations of Andy Murray. That’s starts on the Monday so should be good during the day. I also get to catch up with Corrie and Eastenders. It is always amazing to see what David Platt is now getting up to.

All in all that should keep me pretty busy until 3am Wednesday morning when we will head to Glastonbury hopefully to arrive at 9am.

Flying to the UK


Oh my god, 2 months to clear the backlog of people flying around the world, especially to the UK. 

The bad news for me is that I fly standby, I have a sis in the industry, airline industry , she is actually currently stuck in Shanghai, who sorts out tickets for me. 

She is a Trolley Dolly and is coming to Glastonbury. I don’t think they like been called Trolley Dolly’s anymore that may have gone out in the 70’s.  I think the politically correct word now is Flight attendant. I can’t tell you for what airline, because if I did I would have to Kill you all. It’s part of the code. Yes there is a code to flying standby and even mentioning the code is sacrilege. 

Standby is normally a great thing, but on occasion it can mean getting stuck some were you don’t want to be, or in this case not getting off the ground at all. 

Luckily we have 2 months before Glasto so hopefully the dust ( pun intended ) will have settled by then and flying will be back to normal, but if you don’t see me there it could all be down to a volcano in Iceland.