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Vampires old news, zombies that’s what everyone’s talking about. TV coverage of zombies over the years has been pretty sparse, the only recent show I can remember is Dead Set, set mainly in the Big Brother house, the whole world goes to shit except the Big Brother contestants, even Davina McCall is a zombie. It is both humourous and really scary at the same time. Over the years there have been plenty of Living Dead movies, but Zombieland has been the most recent and funniest, the scenes where they end up meeting Bill Murray at his house are wickedly funny. Now TV finally has a serious Zombie series. The Walking Dead calls the Zombies , Walkers, but really we all know they are Zombies. In a strange bit of casting Egg from This Life, yeah the guy out of Teachers, is a southern American Cop looking for his family. I have seen the first 2 eps and it looks exceedingly good. Will be interesting to see how it goes in the States.



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There are loads of Vampire movies, Tv shows at the moment. The modern genre probably started with the great Joss Wheddon and The Buffy Tv shows. since then The Twilight films have ramped into mainstream conciseness and now Vampires are all over our screens.
True Blood has been a huge success and is awesome, produced by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under fame, it takes a terribly written series of novels and makes a hugely adult blast of fun sex and violence. True Blood is top-notch telly. Let me right in a Swedish movie, is thought-provoking real and intense, if you don’t mind subtitles well worth watching. Otherwise wait for the US version out soon called Let Me In, starring the girl from Kick Ass and the Boy from The Road.
The Vampire Diaries is another twist on the Twilight , vampires as teenagers theme with a few twists of its own , although highly entertaining it can be a bit clichéd.
So Vampires are in, what is next you ask, it looks like it’s Zombies.
My review on the Zombie comeback next week


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I have been watching loads of movies lately, so I thought it might be a good idea to review some of them, to maybe save you the bother of having to watch them. My first review is Bitch Slap. Now this movie is just plain ridiculous. Bitch Slap is a definite tribute/Homage or complete copy of Usual Suspects but adds a bit of soft lesbian porn to the equation.

If you are keen on that sort of thing you will love it otherwise just don’t bother. Also this week I have seen Animal Kingdom an Aussie movie about a criminal family gang, these guys are not criminal masterminds they are more like a family of dumb and dumber. although violent this is a seriously good movie which will have you cringing at the violence and the sudden deaths of main characters. All the characters are believable, the cast is excellent, and includes Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton. This movie recently got 18 nominations at Aussie film awards. Well worth renting.

Finally this week I saw District 9, I am sure most people have seen it, but I had previously watched a terrible pirated copy which had a laugh worthy translation of the aliens on the copy. Seeing it in HD and getting to understand the actual plot made it a far more entertaining story to watch


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