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iphone app of the week – 06/12/2010 – tunein

Triple J Hottest 100 Masks (Australia Day 2009)

Image by moggs oceanlane via Flickr


40,000 radio stations can it be so. Well it might be, I have about 11 bookmarked so far, and have found everyone I want. So now I have every radio station in the world in my pocket. That’s awesome and all for $2.49.
I have Triple J, Australia’s best station, Xfm , the uk alt station and amazingly I can get the Efestivals station here in Sydney.
I can listen to my horse racing wherever I am including whilst at work as well as the cricket. If you don’t already have it get it, it’s freaking amazing


iphone app of the week – WordPress – 25/11/2010


A  great app WordPress means you can blog from anywhere in the world from your phone, online or not. You can save the blog to a draft and just upload it later.

This awesome for bloggers and of course those that read said blogs as it means you can get your blog up wherever and whenever. 

Its a free app which is  also great

iPhone app of the week 18/11/2010 – VLC

The Pyramid Stage

Image via Wikipedia


One of the major problems with the iPhone was you could only watch movies and Tv downloaded in the iTunes format, which is quite a problem if you like to get your files elsewhere. VLC have come up with an app which means you can transfer any file into iTunes and watch it on your iPhone.
This means I have recently started watching Glasto 09 coverage on my phone. It’s weird watching the BBC coverage as I hardly saw any of the bands they covered myself.
Anyway a great app and a must have on your phone.

Iphone App of the Week 11/01/2010 – Instagram


A new section for glastoblogger starting today is the iPhone app of the week. This will not be some Johhny come lately app, it will be one that I have used for a while and that is fun, cool and or of use. This week the must have app is Instagram . This app is pretty awesome, from your phone photos or even taking a photo you can add all sorts of 70’s , 80’s effects and save to Instagram which is a social networking photo site in itself or upload to twitter or facebook. This fits in the fun and cool category is currently free and therefore awesome value for money. I have attached a few photos taken at Glastonbury that I have uploaded on Instagram.