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Reviewed Bands 2010

Jenny and Johnny – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


Hey getting behind with the blog, so just a small update, this is a clip of Jenny and Johnny at the Laneway Festival recently held in Sydney. My first muck around with imovies. The Audio was so bad i have stuck another song over it. My Pet Snake.

Jenny and Johnny were brilliant, they really do rock, Jenny is a pure rock chick, if you meet her in real life I reckon she would scare you.

Definitely check them out at Glastonbury if you haven’t seen them. It was really windy when they played, and it appeared Jenny was not wearing underwear. I did not catch that.


Orbital – The Other Stage – Sunday – 10.00pm


I must have really started to flag on Sunday because the next band I saw were the other Stage headliners Orbital. I did see a bit of Julian Casablancas, had some dinner considered going to see Toots and the Maytels, but in the end decided to rejuvenate and go see Stevie Wonder.

What a massive crowd at Stevie Wonder, could hardly find a spot, in the end we thought Fuck it, and I think those were the exact words, let’s go see Orbital.
Orbitals crowd was tiny about the same as some of the smaller bands but boy it was an energetic crowd. Orbital were amazing, I love my dance music and this was as good as it gets. Pumping out the beats with an amazing Lightshow and an incredible sunset to boot. This was the way I wanted to finish off my Glastonbury , in a non drug induced dance ecstasy. Orbitals special guest was the latest Dr Who and they pumped out the tune the week the series final was played.
Orbital are Glastonbury heroes and I can see why

4 out of 5

Gang of Four – John Peel Tent – Sunday – 5.45pm


Entertainment by Gang of Four is one of my Favourite Albums of all time. That’s why I went and saw them. I also Managed to talk Josh into coming and seeing them.
So for nostalgia sake , I saw 2 bands over the week and they were far and away the worse 2 bands I saw the entire time. Thats right Reef and Gang of Four.
When Gang of Four played the songs off Entertainment they stepped up a notch those songs are still awesome and it was great to hear them live for the first time, but the rest of the time it was awkward and flat.

The weirdest bit was when the Lead Singer beat the shit out of a microwave oven, and beat the shit out of it he did.

No nostalgia in 11 for me then.
1 out of 5

The Drums – The Other Stage – Sunday – 4.30pm


The Drums were one of the surprise packages of the week, I had only just bought the album a couple of weeks prior, mainly because that was when it was released. My initial thoughts were that it was a bit average and the Drums a bit uninspiring. Live this proved to be incorrect. Finding that I didn’t really want to see much else I found myself in The John Peel tent waiting for The Drums, I am glad I went as it was great, they were energetic, the Frontman a real live wire, they probably deserved a later slot.
Since that show I have revisited their Debut Album and I now love it.

Enjoyable and moorish

4 out of 5

Crystal fighters – Dance East – Sunday – 2.30pm


Image by bluecatproject via Flickr


Crystal Fighters were a major loser due to the football a very small crowd were there to hear their cool take on Balearic beats.
Another band to incorporate guitars drums and loops they have an original Latin take on it that needs a nightclub setting to take full advantage of their sound and their cool visual style.
They are starting to make inroads lately supporting The Foals throughout the UK and releasing their debut album.
I had tossed up between them and Slash but the weather persuaded me to see them. In hindsight the lack of numbers and therefore lack of atmosphere probably made this the wrong decision especially as Slash rolled out the Guns and Roses classics.

2 OUT OF 5

We Have Band – Dance East – Sunday – 1.00pm


Looking back at Sunday I can see that there were a number of spaces between bands and that I saw less bands than I usually do. I think this is mainly down to the weather but also has to do with England’s football game. I didn’t go and see the match myself but it certainly had an effect on the afternoons atmosphere.
We Have Band were playing just before the game started and had a fairly large crowd into see them. This was the third time I had seen WHB at Glasto, they currently hold the individual record for bands seen most  for me. They are pretty good live, the entire 3 piece are into it, and they have some good tracks, I’m not sure they will ever break out of an afternoon slot in the Dance Tent however.

Saying that I recommend seeing them and would see them again.

3 out of 5

Frightened Rabbit – The Other Stage – Sunday – 12pm


It was a bit of a Frightened Rabbit Festival , on the way down in the car, FR were played with monotonous regularity( the trip took 12 hours )  and then when we arrive, we find our next door neighbours are major fans, so we spent most of the week, feverishly looking forward to FR. The first thing that struck me when they started was that the lead singer was the spitting image of Johhny, our ndn.
No wonder they loved them. Anway FR were excellent, they are a band ready to hit the big time, to become the next travis, to scale the heights idlewild never reached but should have. With the swimming song they have an instant hit, now they just need another one. If there is a folkie revival going on, there is also a pop comeback, lead by 2door and FR. Let’s hope they start churning out the hits

3 out of 5

Below Nicky with the Lead Singer of Frightened Rabbit

Jamie T – John Peel – Saturday – 10.30pm


I saw Jamie T in 2009 and was not that impressed, so he wasn’t even on my laminated list for 2010, but I listened to the new album on spotify before heading down to Glasto and was totally impressed.

So it seemed pretty easy to stay on after the XX as we were in a nice handy spot and could get a bit closer as well.

I am glad I did because Jamie absolutely rocked it. The contrast from the year before when he fell off the stage was huge. This was a man who was now incredibly comfortable in his skin and had found his voice.

The crowd sang along to every word new and old, this was a man born to headline.

Will he be back for 3 in  a row on a bigger stage next year ? I’m Not sure but one thing is for sure Jamie T is becoming a Glasto Legend.

4 out of 5


The XX – John Peel Tent – Saturday – 9.00pm

Mercury Prize

Image via Wikipedia


Back to the John Peel Tent to finish off Saturday Evening, first with The XX, who produced one of the finest albums of 2009. In fact it has since gone on to win the Mercury Prize award.

So I was looking forward to The XX and they didn’t disappoint. They are certainty not the normal NME type indie rock, but what they do they do so well, that the moshpit rock that is missing is not missed.

The highlight for many was Florence coming on and singing with them on Who’s Got the Love, but it was a bit crap really.

I would love to see The XX in a intimate venue but that’s probably not going to be possible now.

Anyway it was a great way to spend an hour before the headline act of Saturday night and expect them back in 2011 in a even higher placed position.

4 out of 5

Band of Skulls – Queens Head – 8.00pm – Saturday

The day starts to get a bit hazy around this time. Which is a bit disappointing because it is Band of Skulls that we have seen 3 other bands at The Queens Head to see. Of course sitting in the shade has been an added bonus and easy access to a bar also another bonus.
Band of Skulls are a rock band and it is good to see an out-and-out British Rock band. There aren’t to many of them.
Like a lot of people I switched on to them when iTunes gave their single away for free.
Did I enjoy them? Yes. Were they memorable? Not really.
Would I go see them again? At a festival yes.

Positive thoughts but cloudy memories

3 out of 5