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Bands to See

Sunday at Glasto 2011

Here it is the final day at Glastonbury. There are loads of great bands to finish off the week, and with Foster the People possibly one of the absolute highlights of the weekend.

So for one last time my line up for what its worth.

Esben and the Witch
Foster the People
The Joy Formidable
Bombay Bicycle Club
The Vaccines
Queens of the Stone Age


Friday at Glasto 2011 Locked and Loaded

Okay, we spent a whole day reading the Clashfinder and listening to loads of the bands via spotify and this is what we have decided will be our days listening pleasure

Dry the River
Miles Kane
Newton Faulkner
Hothouse Flowers
Mumford & Sons
Primal Scream

Also did Thursday and plan to see

Treetop Flyers
Sandi Thom

Pendulum at Glastonbury 2009

Mighty live band are Pendulum. I don’t personally care for their recorded output, but their headline show on The Other Stage in 2009 was one of my absolute highlights. Live they just lift their game they spread their wings, adding the English MC Verse which seems to make all the difference.

Photo’s below are not very good, but I think they give  you a little of  the atmosphere that they are able to generate live.

If like me you chose to go to the Pyramid Stage rarely, Pendulum are as good a choice as any to see there.

Jenny and Johnny at Laneway Festival 2011

Jenny and Johnny play The Park on Friday, and anyone who has listened to their recent album knows  that this pair are a humorous, intelligent duo with great musical chops who will be worth getting to The Park to see.

I saw them at Sydney’s Laneway Festival in February and they were excellent. Put them on your must see list !

A few photo’s below taken at said gig, by the way if you get close enough and its a windy day you might want to check to see if Jenny is sans under pants as she was at Laneway.

White Lies at Glastonbury 2009

Back again after a great performance in 2009 are White Lies, they are also back with their second album and should be worth watching. Personally I don’t think the second album is a patch on the first but it does have a few decent tracks and is in the same dark mood so fans should enjoy both albums live.

I saw them in 2009 twice, once at Glasto on the Other Stage and backed up a month later in Sydney. I did find their more intimate gig in  Sydney a bit disappointing  it seemed they were just going through the motions.

Saying that they do sound exactly like the records, so if you like their sound you will love them live.

They are back second to headline on Saturday night on the Other Stage, they are up against Elbow, so not sure if they will pull a huge crowd.

A few photo’s below of them back in 2009.

Two Door Cinema Club at Glastonbury 10

Two Door are another band worthy of your support at Glasto 2011. They are playing for at least their third year, appearing on the BBC Introducing in 09 and the Queens Head and Other Stage in 10. This year they are bumped up to the Pyramid Stage.

These photo’s are from their massive Queens Head gig on the Thursday night, a massive crowd queued to get into see them, the tent was full to brimming with loads of people listening outside. Everyone who wants will get to see them this year.

I have also heard through efestivals that line up times will be confirmed on the 13th so final plans can be put in place

Warpaint at the 2011 Laneway Festival

Warpaint at Laneway Festival in Sydney in early 2011, they were fantastic and will be even better at Glastonbury. Make sure you get to see them, they play twice, on The Park on Friday and JP Tent on the Saturday.

So no excuses

Sunday at Glasto 2011

Sunday at Glasto 2009 - Check out the dude asleep

Sunday at Glasto 11 looked a bit short on numbers but long on quality. Looks like I might start out with my bearded Canadian friend Dan Mangan and then move on to the Mirrors at Oxylers, for a rather underwhelming mornings entertainment, but then it hots up. Foster the People are brilliant and should lead well into Joy Formidable in a double that I will be definitely rocking up to at The JP Tent.
I hope the sun is shining and everyone is relaxed for what should be a terrific show from Bombay Bicycle Club playing for at least their third year in a row and making the big time hitting the Other Stage. Then back to JP for The Vaccines, again this is pretty much a locked in day to this point.
It now starts getting harder, there is a massive choice between Kaiser Chiefs and Pendulum, which will probably not be answered until 7.30 Sunday Night and then to finish off the night possibly QOTSA, Sub Focus, Pete Tong, even The Streets, I love none of them, so it will be a gut feeling at the time as to who I see.
So that’s it really the preview of 2011 Wrapped up, only 10 days before I hit the Sky’s and head over to the UK. I can’t wait.

Sunday at Oxylers

Crystal Fighters last year at Glastonbury

I am deeply saddened that the Queens Head is no more, I am close to writing to the festival organisers and having a moan, last year I spent Thursday afternoon and evening there and Saturday afternoon seeing 4 great bands. It is a favourite tent and was a great area opposite the Bourbon bar. What am I going to do this year. Supposedly they have moved the Queens Head to the Dance Village and joined it with the West Dance and renamed it Oxylers. I googled Oxylers to see what it meant but it appears it is just a former area and a bridge in the site itself. Even my blog turns up on the front page of the google search. I dare you, google it yourself. Anyway Sunday at Oxylers is pretty impressive especially the start of the day. I am told and so believe that The Mirrors are going to be worth checking out, I am not checking them out myself so that I will be pleasantly surprised when I see them. Next up are Esben and the Witch, for anyone who reads this blog will know that I panned their album earlier in the year and was then roundly derided by a good reader so I hope to be able to check them out live, by the way I still can’t get into the album. The Cults are next and then the Crystal Fighters, I saw them last year and rather enjoyed their quite visual stunning show, the guys are heaps of fun and their dance infused indie is interesting,unfortunately they played when England were getting stuffed by the Germans so there was a smaller than expected crowd, hopefully they will get a much bigger crowd this year. Metronomy also will be well worth catching and finally headlining are Sub Focus, who are meant to be awesome live, a friend caught them recently in Sydney and said they were superb,a hard choice between them and QOTSA to end the evening with.

Sunday at Leftfield and only 17 days to Go

Sorry Billy Bragg but one of the lowlights of my 2010 festival was the time I spent at Leftfield. Admittedly I was feeling a bit crap, but I left halfway through the extended rant at bankers and went and had a beer at the bar opposite. So it it unlikely that I would visit or recommend going to Billy’s big round up.
It is quite an eclectic mix on the Sunday evening with 12 piece ensemble Bellowhead headlining.
It has been announced recently that Hard Fi will headline the Saturday, I’m a big fan of Hard Fi, seeing them during their triumphant 39 night run at Brixton Academy back in 06. In fact Billy Bragg supported them, so there association goes back a number of years.
In fact With Kid British on before them Saturday night at Leftfield looks quite appealing.