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This will be the last post on this site, my new site The Glasto Review will be up and running by the end of July. I am working away on it now.

Thanks to all the people who have visited Glastoblogger, I will be back !!


Getting in this Year – 2011

This was way easier than the last 2 years, although we did leave London at 12 pm on Tuesday and stay the night in Warminster, which was an experience in itself. We then left Warminster at about 5am and parked the car in East 5 at about 6.30am. We were through the gates and into the site at 8.30am which was a result!

Would certainly do that again, although not in a Travelodge, they are soulless hell holes that do not deserve to be called hotels.

Photo below is the lineup at 7am before the gate opens, this was Gate C, although much closer to our car a longer walk to where we wanted to camp. ( We think )