All about Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival 2011 Here I Come

Newton Faulkner in Newcastle.

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Time’s are locked and loaded, I have printed my final clash finder, I have updated my Orange App, to review and pour over whilst at Glasto.
2 more days of work before the Flight to the UK. The blog is updated all previews completed. Now it’s just a matter of having a great time.
What is on my wish list. Well I want to see Newton Faulkner at the Acoustic Tent, to spend an afternoon seeing the sights sounds and smells of that area.
I want to check out the Green Fields on the Thursday and see the Sacred Stone. I want to have that Glastonbury moment that I haven’t planned for, that seems to come around at least once a year and surprise the hell out of you. I have about 6 bands that I really, really want to see and another 1/2 a dozen I would like to see.
I really hope my near neighbors on the campsite are as nice, cool and sociable as the ones the last 2 years.
Lastly I hope the weather is good, that it does not get to muddy, I’m to old for the wet and wild Glasto’s now.


See you all in 7 days 


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