All about Glastonbury Festival

Sunday at Oxylers

Crystal Fighters last year at Glastonbury

I am deeply saddened that the Queens Head is no more, I am close to writing to the festival organisers and having a moan, last year I spent Thursday afternoon and evening there and Saturday afternoon seeing 4 great bands. It is a favourite tent and was a great area opposite the Bourbon bar. What am I going to do this year. Supposedly they have moved the Queens Head to the Dance Village and joined it with the West Dance and renamed it Oxylers. I googled Oxylers to see what it meant but it appears it is just a former area and a bridge in the site itself. Even my blog turns up on the front page of the google search. I dare you, google it yourself. Anyway Sunday at Oxylers is pretty impressive especially the start of the day. I am told and so believe that The Mirrors are going to be worth checking out, I am not checking them out myself so that I will be pleasantly surprised when I see them. Next up are Esben and the Witch, for anyone who reads this blog will know that I panned their album earlier in the year and was then roundly derided by a good reader so I hope to be able to check them out live, by the way I still can’t get into the album. The Cults are next and then the Crystal Fighters, I saw them last year and rather enjoyed their quite visual stunning show, the guys are heaps of fun and their dance infused indie is interesting,unfortunately they played when England were getting stuffed by the Germans so there was a smaller than expected crowd, hopefully they will get a much bigger crowd this year. Metronomy also will be well worth catching and finally headlining are Sub Focus, who are meant to be awesome live, a friend caught them recently in Sydney and said they were superb,a hard choice between them and QOTSA to end the evening with.


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