All about Glastonbury Festival

Sunday on the Pyramid Stage

Glastonbury ends the week with another slice of American pop. Last year it was Stevie Wonder, this year it is Beyonce. I nearly went to see Stevie last year, but the massive crowd, the biggest I have ever seen at the Pyramid was a massive turn off. This year you won’t find me within a mile to see Beyonce. Well thats not strictly true because there is a good chance I will be there before her to see Pendulum. I saw them in 2009 on the Other Stage and they were one of my highlights. I hadn’t heard any of there stuff but they blew me away.
The only reason I may not see them is my fear of the Pyramid Stage and the massive crowds that are there, I prefer some of the smaller stages.
The rest of the Sunday lineup is pretty much mainstream pop and pretty disappointing, the likes of Don McLean and Paul Simon should be found at the Harvest Festival or on the

Avalon Stage not propping up a tired day at the Pyramid Stage. For me the only other singer I would bother with would be Laura Marling, whose last album is sublime, but I would prefer to see her somewhere much more intimate than at the huge expanses of the Pyramid.


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