All about Glastonbury Festival


At least 4 stages at the Dance Village this year that are really of no concern to me this year on the Saturday. They are East Dance, Wow, Pussy Parlure and Cubehenge, so I will wrap the highlights into one preview.
I don’t fancy anything at all at East Dance, which is unusual I can usually see myself stopping off there at least once a day. If I am still awake at 3am I might try and find my way to Wow to see Nero, I have heard awesome things about these dub steppers, and there recent single garnered a top ten spot. So Wow could be packed with people or if like last year and it’s freezing fucking cold, I might be tucked up in my sleeping bag in about 5 layers of clothes.
That’s it for me, unless someone can tell me if there is anything cool that they fancy that I should check out.


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