All about Glastonbury Festival


What the fuck is Oxlyers in West, can anyone explain, does it even make sense. Were even the hell is it. Okay from what I have read it is in the Dance Village and is a meeting of the Queens Head and the West Dance tent, so indie meets dance a music celebration like no other.
Except there is nothing that I fancy on the Saturday, is there something else like a cool bar a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi that may tempt me.
Headlining is John Digweed, and well I quite like John Digweed so there is a slight chance I might head there after Glasvegas timing permitting.
The rest of the day doesn’t really tempt me, Brother are interesting in that they sound just like the 93 version of Primal Scream, Cherry Ghost might be worth a visit but for me unless I’m wondering and fancy a rest it’s not looking like I will spend much time there on the Saturday.


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