All about Glastonbury Festival


It looks like a greet day at the John Peel on Saturday possibly the best day in the last 3 years. I am sure Yuck will bring the house down, I described their debut album earlier in the year as possibly the UK debut of the year, why they are so early in the day is beyond me, but hopefully everyone can put their hangovers behind them and party hard. I expect a big crowd early on.
Dry the River are up next, their sound is pretty cool, but they are yet to release an album so a slight surprise that they are after Yuck, still worth hanging around and catching them.
Then for me 2 of the bands I most want to see Anna Calvi, who by all accounts is mightily impressive, this should just about be the highlight of Glastonbury, and then my all time favorite all girl band, Warpaint, if you missed them at the Park on the Friday make sure you catch them here.
I probably need to catch up with  the Horrors and Battles music before deciding whether to see them or not but can’t see me hanging round as that would be to long of a day at one stage, but I expect to be back to see Glasvegas, whose second album I just love.
All in all a great day at the John Peel, where every band deserves to be on your list of bands to see.


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