All about Glastonbury Festival


It looks like East Dance will start quiet, then get all the teenager pop lovers along and finish off with a hell of a party.
The 2 big pop chicks will certainly get things going Katy B and Keisha, the purist’s amongst us may laugh and be nowhere near East Dance but this is what makes Glastonbury great, that they have 2 of the bright young things of pop from either side of the Atlantic, belting out their hits.

Katy B at Dance East - Friday

Imagine Reading and Leeds or other festivals having the balls to have both of them playing and then having them playing such a small area.
Dance East finishes with a real bang, I have always said I want to see Fatboy Slim at Glastonbury and maybe I will this time, The Fatster headline’s but is also doing back to back with the Man with 3 decks, Carl Cox.
I’m not sure how often these guys get together, but it’s not that often you get to see 2 legends of dance play together.


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