All about Glastonbury Festival


I have yet to make it to the Acoustic Tent at Glastonbury in the 4 years I have been going. I suppose I am mainly a rock n roll type of guy. I recently saw Frank Turner acoustic, and although I enjoyed it, I would have much preferred to see a band up on the stage with him.
This year however I plan to make it to the Acoustic Stage at some time, and Friday seems a great time to do this with one of my favourite all time Glasto performer’s playing Newton Faulkner.
2 years ago I saw him play Dirty Boots and loved every second of it, he is an intelligent, funny and very able musician, No 1 son Joshua, is a big fan and he will be heading to the Acoustic Tent to see him play, and there is a good chance I will head over as well.
The Hothouse Flowers are also playing and what a blast from the past they are. I remember seeing them
way back in 91 in New Zealand. Not sure I will stay around but I am sure they will be fun.
Listen to Don’t Go, if you haven’t before, is this song the reason we have those bands like Matchbox 20 and Train.
Brit Floyd headline and yes they are a Pink Floyd tribute band, so if you are planning to watch this instead of some original music playing in one of the other 80 stages, shame on you, if you end there pissed off your head and think you have caught Pink Floyd in a special Glasto moment, well congrats.


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