All about Glastonbury Festival



Warpaint at Laneway

2 massive bands are on at The Park on The Friday not to mention the Special Guest whoever that maybe.

The 2 bands I am talking about are Warpaint and Jenny and Johnny. I saw both these bands at The Laneway Festival in Sydney recently. You can see the reviews in this blog previously.

Warpaint were one of the first bands confirmed for Glastonbury, and should be high on everybody’s list to see, lucky they are playing twice, I say lucky because I will probably miss them at The Park.

The reason is I find it hard to see bands there. I think you either love it or hate it. The Park that is. I find it hard to get  a drink, there is no shade from the weather, whether raining or like last year when its hot as hell.

Lots of people obviously stay there all day and some wait especially for the Special Guest. Headlining the Friday night are Glasto regulars Crystal Castle which will be worth catching.


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