All about Glastonbury Festival



I’m still not to sure about Glasvegas debut offering, it was heavy with attitude and cleverly marketed and it took them all the way to a sub headline at Glastonbury in 2009.
A gig that they managed to pull off even though they were only 1 album in.
So although I liked the album I think I liked Glasvegas more as band than what they had actually delivered.
So it was with some trepidation that I waited for their second record, thinking it would be easy for them to fail to deliver up to their first album which would be for me disappointing.
That they haven’t and that in fact their new record is better in all ways than their first is a triumph.
Yes it is an attempt at Stadium Rock but unlike The Kings of Leon’s latest offering they pull it off. Every track is awesome so it’s hard to single out anything in itself, Jamie Allen’s vocals are magnificent in all the songs and when you can hear through to what he is saying it’s a real treat. There does appear to be a backlash critically and even by fans against this album, my recommendation is to listen to your own ears, buy this and see them at the John Peel on Saturday night. Get there early because it could be packed.

Glasvegas on the Other Stage 2009


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