All about Glastonbury Festival



With Chipmunk starting the Festival on the other stage, and The master musicians of somewhere on the Pyramid, it is worth looking around for another venue to start your day.
If you’re not to hung over, I find the Thursday to be a great day to get rat faced, I suggest you check out Cocoon on the John Peel. They are a French folk band in the manner of Mumford & Sons, check out their single Comets from the album Where the Oceans end and get along.
It’s probably worth then staying for Australian band Stonefield, all girl sister band, one of the girls is only 14 or so.
Next up are one of the sounds of 2011 according to the BBC, Mona, their album is out on the 16th of May, I will check it out to see if they are a wet weather alternative to the bands on the Other Stage.
Although the rest of the lineup is relatively strong, I won’t be hanging around too much, it seems like it is the one half’s playing, Miles Kane one half of the Last Shadow Puppets and DJ Shadow one half of Uncle. I suppose there is an outside chance Alex Turner may turn up and guest with Miles Kane. Miles has an album out on the 6th of May, so if you’re considering seeing him, I suggest you buy it.


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