All about Glastonbury Festival


The comeback kids are here, and this album is not to bad. Don’t get to over excited I here you say. Well there are plenty of positives and a few negatives but before I get into that I will give you my personal 2010 recollections of The Strokes.
I hadn’t listens to them for a while but because Is This It was voted best album of the noughties and JC was playing Glasto, I revisited their precious back catalogue, and yes they are a band for the times, but best album of a decade, not likely.
The Strokes headlined Splendour last year so I procured Sydney sideshow tickets before heading off to Glasto.
I was around the JP tent when Julian started so I thought I would drop by, I caught a few tracks but because I was seeing the real thing in less than a month, I buzzed off.
Back in Sydney , wife pregnant, money in short supply decided to off load Strokes tickets, so in the end didn’t really catch much of them during the year.
Anyway back to the album at hand, one of the positives is the awesome start to the record, Machu Picchu and Under Cover of Darkness are vintage Strokes, everything you expect of them, but I suppose nothing new. Then the album takes a violent middle of the road twist, The Cars come to mind, Steely Dan as well, maybe underlining how hard it is to write really good pop songs.
All in all it’s an okay album, not to inspiring but it’s better than say Kings of Leon’s latest and probably Brandon Flowers. Is that the right genre to put The Strokes though, shouldn’t we be comparing them to Yuck and say British Sea Power where they are simply outclassed.
My recommendation save your dosh, listen to on Spotify if you must.


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