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Warpaint – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


The clear highlight for me at Laneway were Warpaint, they are truly an amazing band.
Their debut was one of last years highlights and their 40 minute set showed that they are just as impressive live as they are on record.
For the uninitiated Warpaint are a 4 piece all girl band, 3 from California and their amazing drummer a homegrown Aussie.
They bombard you with a sensual overload of all out guitar rock combined with Phil Spector ish wall of sound vocals, with all 3 front girls chiming in with their melodic harmonies.
Are Warpaint a must see at Glastonbury, you bet! The Girls have already been confirmed so obviously the Glasto bookers are as hyped about Warpaint as I am.
Not only are Warpaint on my Laminated Clashfinder, but they are truly one of the bands I will definitely not miss.


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