All about Glastonbury Festival

Latest Glasto inspired news


The BBC seem to have nailed it with a few of their bands they selected for the bands of 2011

Yucks album is awesome as is Anna Calvi and the Naked and the Famous are pretty cool especially for a bunch of Kiwi’s. A sort of cross between Ladyhawke and Mgmt at their best.

In other news the blog is now viewable in a cool iPad look, so if you have an iPad check it out, in fact I think it’s way cooler than the normal look.

Keisha is supposedly playing Glasto, which will certainly have people complaining, I see she is down for the Thursday. Submissions made by the local council to the festival organizers was to have more music on the Thursday to get the crowds away from the Queens Head, maybe this is part of that idea.

Finally Glasvegas release their second album this week, I have bought it but have yet to listen to it. There are no current rumors they will be playing, will just have to cross our fingers and hope that they do.


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