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Stornoway at Laneway Festival


I suggest forgetting about Coldplay, although I’m sure they will get a huge turn out and a massive lighter waving sing a long crowd. For me the headliners should be Elbow, a wonderful band with an impressive body of work and a fine, fine, fine latest album.
The Pyramid starts up with the awesome Stornoway, so it will be worth getting their early to see them and then follows up with Aussie’s Tame Impala a pretty damn good start to the day.
Gaslight Anthem are back to Glastonbury, remember a couple of years ago they played The John Peel Tent and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen guest appeared with them.
The rest of the lineup is not my cup of team so I will be heading elsewhere for the rest of the day, well until Elbow play anyway.




Follow the Link to a great website where you can create mixes to listen to and for others to listen to. I have done one for bands to see at Glastonbury on the Friday. it includes, Mumford & Sons, Primal Scream, Fleet Foxes and Cocoon as well as a few others.


There are plenty of clashes on the Friday, which are going to be hard to avoid, however I have reduced the number of bands I want to see on the Friday to only 26 of which 7 I have seen before.
It’s certainly going to be hard to miss some of them, but it has to be done.
So let me give you a few clues on how my day maybe spent. I am going on the Clashfinder times, which change right on up to the day so that’s why I don’t rule anything out at this stage.
It looks likely that Cocoon are going to be the first band of the day as there seems like no clashes first up.
Next up may well be decided by the weather, in the running are Metronomy, Brother and Stonefield. Third band of the day will be between Two Door Cinema Club, The Naked and the Famous and Mona, although I haven’t ruled out Dry the River. Next looks likely to be The Vaccines but Miles Kane and Summer Camp are in the running. Jenny and Johnny are hard to place at the moment as they are on at The Park it’s pretty unlikely.
The Wombats go head to head with Warpaint and Newton Faulkner in what is looking like the hardest decision of the day. Bright Eyes and Fleet Foxes look like they will be up against no one unless the Dance Vibe takes over from the Folk vibe.
Mumford & Sons looks odds on against Morrissey and it should be Primal Scream to finish off the Day meaning U2 and Fatboy Slim miss out.
So in Reverse order headliner to opener here is my opening gambit in regards to Friday
Primal Scream
Mumford & Sons
Fleet Foxes
Bright Eyes
The Wombats
The Vaccines
The Naked and The Famous
Stone field

So a long day at the Other Stage which in reality is unlikely.


It looks like East Dance will start quiet, then get all the teenager pop lovers along and finish off with a hell of a party.
The 2 big pop chicks will certainly get things going Katy B and Keisha, the purist’s amongst us may laugh and be nowhere near East Dance but this is what makes Glastonbury great, that they have 2 of the bright young things of pop from either side of the Atlantic, belting out their hits.

Katy B at Dance East - Friday

Imagine Reading and Leeds or other festivals having the balls to have both of them playing and then having them playing such a small area.
Dance East finishes with a real bang, I have always said I want to see Fatboy Slim at Glastonbury and maybe I will this time, The Fatster headline’s but is also doing back to back with the Man with 3 decks, Carl Cox.
I’m not sure how often these guys get together, but it’s not that often you get to see 2 legends of dance play together.


I have yet to make it to the Acoustic Tent at Glastonbury in the 4 years I have been going. I suppose I am mainly a rock n roll type of guy. I recently saw Frank Turner acoustic, and although I enjoyed it, I would have much preferred to see a band up on the stage with him.
This year however I plan to make it to the Acoustic Stage at some time, and Friday seems a great time to do this with one of my favourite all time Glasto performer’s playing Newton Faulkner.
2 years ago I saw him play Dirty Boots and loved every second of it, he is an intelligent, funny and very able musician, No 1 son Joshua, is a big fan and he will be heading to the Acoustic Tent to see him play, and there is a good chance I will head over as well.
The Hothouse Flowers are also playing and what a blast from the past they are. I remember seeing them
way back in 91 in New Zealand. Not sure I will stay around but I am sure they will be fun.
Listen to Don’t Go, if you haven’t before, is this song the reason we have those bands like Matchbox 20 and Train.
Brit Floyd headline and yes they are a Pink Floyd tribute band, so if you are planning to watch this instead of some original music playing in one of the other 80 stages, shame on you, if you end there pissed off your head and think you have caught Pink Floyd in a special Glasto moment, well congrats.



New Zealand’s best band get a great Friday Other Stage gig and going by this, their debut album they will be well worth going and seeing. Recent winners of the NME best new band award, they also played the main stage at Big Day Out this year, so they are definitely on everyone’s radar and should be on your’s.
Passive me Aggressive You Is the album Mgmt should have come up with but didn’t. Does this mean that NAF are just a copy band of Mgmt. The answer to this is no, they have definitely got their own sound , they surely take the best bits of Mgmt but they add the 80’s pop sensibility of New Zealand’s other pop star Ladyhawke.
Passive Me’s obvious hit and best tune is Punching in a Dream, but there are plenty of other great tracks to keep you coming back for more.
Pop Debut of the year? Possibly. Well worth anyone’s hard-earned, go out and listen for yourself.




Warpaint at Laneway

2 massive bands are on at The Park on The Friday not to mention the Special Guest whoever that maybe.

The 2 bands I am talking about are Warpaint and Jenny and Johnny. I saw both these bands at The Laneway Festival in Sydney recently. You can see the reviews in this blog previously.

Warpaint were one of the first bands confirmed for Glastonbury, and should be high on everybody’s list to see, lucky they are playing twice, I say lucky because I will probably miss them at The Park.

The reason is I find it hard to see bands there. I think you either love it or hate it. The Park that is. I find it hard to get  a drink, there is no shade from the weather, whether raining or like last year when its hot as hell.

Lots of people obviously stay there all day and some wait especially for the Special Guest. Headlining the Friday night are Glasto regulars Crystal Castle which will be worth catching.




I’m still not to sure about Glasvegas debut offering, it was heavy with attitude and cleverly marketed and it took them all the way to a sub headline at Glastonbury in 2009.
A gig that they managed to pull off even though they were only 1 album in.
So although I liked the album I think I liked Glasvegas more as band than what they had actually delivered.
So it was with some trepidation that I waited for their second record, thinking it would be easy for them to fail to deliver up to their first album which would be for me disappointing.
That they haven’t and that in fact their new record is better in all ways than their first is a triumph.
Yes it is an attempt at Stadium Rock but unlike The Kings of Leon’s latest offering they pull it off. Every track is awesome so it’s hard to single out anything in itself, Jamie Allen’s vocals are magnificent in all the songs and when you can hear through to what he is saying it’s a real treat. There does appear to be a backlash critically and even by fans against this album, my recommendation is to listen to your own ears, buy this and see them at the John Peel on Saturday night. Get there early because it could be packed.

Glasvegas on the Other Stage 2009