All about Glastonbury Festival

Cloud Control – Laneway Festival – 06/02/11


Cloud Control are taking over Australia, since I saw them last, supporting The Magic Numbers they have won numerous best album awards, been on a headline tour of Oz themselves and been to the UK to tour and take over Europe as well.
They are not a typical Aussie band, they are not a rock band an electro band or a one of the new breed folk bands.
They play infectious pop, a la Two door , Wombats etc, but with their own particular aussieness, and the crowds lap it up.
I wasn’t planning on seeing CC but Beach House were boring me senseless, I was miles from the front and had a tree in front of me, so I wandered off thinking it might be easier to view CC.
I was wrong their stage was packed and it was going off. Everyone knew all the songs it was a rare Aussie singalong gig.
I’m not sure when their album is released in the UK or if they are playing Glasto, but my recommendation is buy and see.



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