All about Glastonbury Festival



Could Anna Calvi be the British debut album of the year, in a crowded field already, this album and Anna Calvi are stand outs.
It has taken me a while to warm to the charms of Anna Calvi, in fact she has changed my album reviewing process. If I had written this review the week I bought the record, this review would not be so glowing, so I am going to give every album a 2nd week or more listen before deciding it’s fate.
Anna Calvi is one original lady, Slide Guitar, soundtrackish influences, this is one out there album. It has touches of sublime beauty, Desire stands out but a half dozen songs pull at your heart. Suzzane and I builds and builds and you really want to know what is it about Suzzane by the end.
Anna Calvi is already confirmed for Glastonbury so must be on everyone’s list of must see artists.
I for one can’t wait to see this Slide Guitaring, diva rock Glasto.


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