All about Glastonbury Festival

The Antlers – Laneway Festival – 08/02/2011


Laneway Festival had an amazing lineup, which was showcased with The Antlers been first up on the second stage. Called the Clocktower this was a tiny area, where it was hard to move from once in and hard to get into if not already there.
The Antlers are a duo from Baltimore who have been getting rave reviews for their latest album named Hospice. supposedly it is about losing people who are living in a hospice. I am sure  I will get a few comments that its is a lot more than that but I haven’t listened to it so can’t really comment.

They have a new album out shortly May the 10th in fact titled Burst Apart so I imagine we will see them at Glastonbury.

So not having bought the album  I didn’t really know what to expect from this floppy haired pair.
Their sound was pretty cool and they had a lot of fans, they were interesting rather than sensational, nonetheless it was a great start to the day.

Keep an eye out for them, I would think they will play the Queens Head or John Peel early in the day


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