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Coldplay v Chemical Brothers – Saturday Night Headliners


It’s Coldplay up against The Chemical Brothers, on the 2 main stages Saturday Night but unlike Friday we don’t yet know who the support’s are.
At this stage Chemical Brothers are my choice, I love seeing a dance band in the evening at Glasto, Pendulum, Prodigy and Orbital are personal highlights over the past 2 years.
All have played on The Other Stage to cap off great days of rock and indie music beforehand.

I would probably at this stage dismiss Coldplay totally out of hand, although I loved the first album and even the second album the later stuff is a bit pedestrian.

It is a pity that Glasto have booked 2 similar bands to headline in U2 and Coldplay. I will be interested to see what sort of crowds these 2 bands pull. 
This year the Dance highlight does  appear to be The Chemical Brothers at this early stage, although we don’t yet have a confirmed Sunday night Other Stage headliner yet.
Early rumours would narrow it down to The Strokes or the Libertines but more recent rumours would tend to rule both out.



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