All about Glastonbury Festival


I have recently had a comment one of my blogs, a review of Esben and the Witches recent album. Said comment can be checked out by heading to that particular blog 
Not only was my review disparaging but it really only focused on myself and my crappy day.
To this effect I acknowledge the harsh comments about my writing technique and style of review.
In my defence however I have previously said that my reviews and my writing are crap. I basically buy an album and say if I like it or not, on most occasions I do like the said purchased record as generally I am buying something I expect to like.

So far this year positive reviews have included Yuck, Anna Calvi , Joy Fomidable and British Sea Power.
When I do find something I don’t like it is a massive disappointment as I have spent a week listening to that music.
I was expecting big things from Esben and the Witch and for me it failed to deliver.
Anyway if you want track by track reviews of albums head to the NME I am here to give you my personal opinion, if you don’t like it don’t read it.
Comments are welcome but I prefer them to be critical of nature rather than personal.
I don’t like Esben that doesnt mean you can’t and also that I an in any way right or wrong it’s just an opinion.


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