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Friday Night Clashes – Where will you be

Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons album)

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Already the clashes have begun, with Friday already having a war between the Pyramid Stage and The Other Stage.

Will it be U2 and Elbow or Mumford & Sons and Primal Scream.
My only word of advise would be to choose one or the other and stick with it and not try to dodge between.
The Pyramid will be silly busy so if you want a good vantage point I would suggest arriving before the band that play before Elbow and wait out the rest of the night. This won’t be necessary for the Other Stage where you can just rock up as the band before Mumford are finishing.
I am sure both stages are going to rock so it’s down to personal choice but I am favouring The Other Stage ever so slightly at the moment.
Elbow however have a new album out next week and if it is the classic it is said to be then I might have to fit them in somewhere.
I will keep updating the Clashes and how best to avoid them over the coming months.


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