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Liam Gallagher (San Ysidro, CA. 2005.)

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Beady Eye‘s debut album is not that good. It is good to hear Liam singing again, as he ahs a great voice and when not used as an imitation of John Lennon it is Unique and quite simply awesome, apart from that there is not much to recommend about this album.

At its best it is a poor pastiche of Oasis’s worst album’s, lyrically it is a mess, lyrics are not just random words joined together to form sentences, they must have meaning and be interesting.

At it’s worst it is a miserable attempt to sound like his former hero’s.   

This album recently made NME’s top 25 of the first 4 months of the year, and they left out the brilliant soulful British Sea Power a record Liam could only dream of making.

Saying all that I would love to see them Live. 


Cloud Control – Laneway Festival – 06/02/11


Cloud Control are taking over Australia, since I saw them last, supporting The Magic Numbers they have won numerous best album awards, been on a headline tour of Oz themselves and been to the UK to tour and take over Europe as well.
They are not a typical Aussie band, they are not a rock band an electro band or a one of the new breed folk bands.
They play infectious pop, a la Two door , Wombats etc, but with their own particular aussieness, and the crowds lap it up.
I wasn’t planning on seeing CC but Beach House were boring me senseless, I was miles from the front and had a tree in front of me, so I wandered off thinking it might be easier to view CC.
I was wrong their stage was packed and it was going off. Everyone knew all the songs it was a rare Aussie singalong gig.
I’m not sure when their album is released in the UK or if they are playing Glasto, but my recommendation is buy and see.


Bands to see at Glastonbury 2011

Newton performing at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Mic...

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If  you want you can check out the efestivals or Glastowatch websites to get a taster of who you can expect to see at this years Glastonbury.

I have already decided on at least 33 bands I wouldn’t mind seeing ( I usually can fit in about 20 bands during the week. )

So don’t even try to tell me it ain’t gonna be awesome. In slight order of favouritism.

Photo opposite is Newton Faulkner, Featured photo is one of the girls from Warpaint at Laneway Festival 

Bands to See
Anna Calvi
The Joy Formidable
The Libertines
Bombay Bicycle Club
Frank Turner
Laura Marling
Mumford & Sons
White Lies
Two Door Cinema Club
Primal Scream
The Wombats
Fleet Foxes
Newton Faulkner
Chemical Brothers
Sandi Thom
Bright Eyes
Chapel Club
Cherry Ghost
Clare Maguire
Daft Punk
Don Mclean
Jessie J
Philip Selway
Tame Impala
The Undertones


Libertines are on the list but are not expected to play.



Without doubt I have listened more to this elbow album than a lot of other albums during  a weekly period, this is due to the almost majestic nature of this record as it grows and builds every time you listen to it.
It does not on first listen appear to have the crowd pleasers of Seldom Seen Kid,  but overall it feels a stronger more mature better paced record.
This is a band who after 20 years have really found their skin and are happy to live in it.
It’s hard to really single out any individual tunes as it is the record as a whole that makes this such a triumph. However opener The Birds is a triumph, Neat little rows shows another side to these boys and Jesus is a Rochdale Girl is sublime.

I saw Elbow a couple of years ago and they were fantastic, with these new songs they will be a truly unmissable live act.
I’m hoping they head out here for Splendour so I get to see them in a standalone venue.

Glastonbury have booked one of the modern day heroes of British music – Go Elbow.

Stornoway – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


As Stornoway came on the wind increased and the day changed from a beautiful 35 degree day into what was eventually a miserable 18 degree day.
I mention this as Stornoway’s chatty Lead Singer talked about the weather a lot. Especially mentioning Queenslands recent cyclone as a tornado.
I hope it wasn’t a joke.
Stornoway played most of their debut album to an adoring crowd, they seemed to ramp it up every time their violinist hit the stage.
It was a perfect set for a perfect set time of about 1pm and I was glad to finally get to see them after missing them at the past 2 Glastonbury’s.
I think they have already self confirmed for this year and they are a safe bet for a a good time wherever and whenever they play.



Could Anna Calvi be the British debut album of the year, in a crowded field already, this album and Anna Calvi are stand outs.
It has taken me a while to warm to the charms of Anna Calvi, in fact she has changed my album reviewing process. If I had written this review the week I bought the record, this review would not be so glowing, so I am going to give every album a 2nd week or more listen before deciding it’s fate.
Anna Calvi is one original lady, Slide Guitar, soundtrackish influences, this is one out there album. It has touches of sublime beauty, Desire stands out but a half dozen songs pull at your heart. Suzzane and I builds and builds and you really want to know what is it about Suzzane by the end.
Anna Calvi is already confirmed for Glastonbury so must be on everyone’s list of must see artists.
I for one can’t wait to see this Slide Guitaring, diva rock Glasto.

The Antlers – Laneway Festival – 08/02/2011


Laneway Festival had an amazing lineup, which was showcased with The Antlers been first up on the second stage. Called the Clocktower this was a tiny area, where it was hard to move from once in and hard to get into if not already there.
The Antlers are a duo from Baltimore who have been getting rave reviews for their latest album named Hospice. supposedly it is about losing people who are living in a hospice. I am sure  I will get a few comments that its is a lot more than that but I haven’t listened to it so can’t really comment.

They have a new album out shortly May the 10th in fact titled Burst Apart so I imagine we will see them at Glastonbury.

So not having bought the album  I didn’t really know what to expect from this floppy haired pair.
Their sound was pretty cool and they had a lot of fans, they were interesting rather than sensational, nonetheless it was a great start to the day.

Keep an eye out for them, I would think they will play the Queens Head or John Peel early in the day

Coldplay v Chemical Brothers – Saturday Night Headliners


It’s Coldplay up against The Chemical Brothers, on the 2 main stages Saturday Night but unlike Friday we don’t yet know who the support’s are.
At this stage Chemical Brothers are my choice, I love seeing a dance band in the evening at Glasto, Pendulum, Prodigy and Orbital are personal highlights over the past 2 years.
All have played on The Other Stage to cap off great days of rock and indie music beforehand.

I would probably at this stage dismiss Coldplay totally out of hand, although I loved the first album and even the second album the later stuff is a bit pedestrian.

It is a pity that Glasto have booked 2 similar bands to headline in U2 and Coldplay. I will be interested to see what sort of crowds these 2 bands pull. 
This year the Dance highlight does  appear to be The Chemical Brothers at this early stage, although we don’t yet have a confirmed Sunday night Other Stage headliner yet.
Early rumours would narrow it down to The Strokes or the Libertines but more recent rumours would tend to rule both out.



I have recently had a comment one of my blogs, a review of Esben and the Witches recent album. Said comment can be checked out by heading to that particular blog 
Not only was my review disparaging but it really only focused on myself and my crappy day.
To this effect I acknowledge the harsh comments about my writing technique and style of review.
In my defence however I have previously said that my reviews and my writing are crap. I basically buy an album and say if I like it or not, on most occasions I do like the said purchased record as generally I am buying something I expect to like.

So far this year positive reviews have included Yuck, Anna Calvi , Joy Fomidable and British Sea Power.
When I do find something I don’t like it is a massive disappointment as I have spent a week listening to that music.
I was expecting big things from Esben and the Witch and for me it failed to deliver.
Anyway if you want track by track reviews of albums head to the NME I am here to give you my personal opinion, if you don’t like it don’t read it.
Comments are welcome but I prefer them to be critical of nature rather than personal.
I don’t like Esben that doesnt mean you can’t and also that I an in any way right or wrong it’s just an opinion.

The National – Enmore Theatre – 08/01/2011


It might be to early to say gig of the year, but the National have thrown down an early marker with their storming set at the Enmore Theatre.
For the first time in ages I missed getting front row standing tickest but yet this wasn’t a problem as  The National’s sound filled the Theatre and some more. These boys have some cracking songs, amazing lyrics and are a tight live outfit.
They ran through most of High Violet chucking out Anyones Ghost early on, a highlight was Alligators, Mr November, and they ended with an acapella version of Vanderlay.
A truly memorable night. I’d you have the chance and haven’t already seen them make sure you catch up with The National. They are the band to see.

P.S Not sure why the photo has chopped off their heads, I have included it below