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Okay, I wrote this out once before, on my crappy work computer, and I lost it all, so I can hardly be bothered to start again, as that review was especially negative.
Basically I slated the album from start to finish, so do I need to include all those snide comments again or could I begrudgingly be kinder this time round.
The answer is no, the album bores me to tears, it’s a second rate attempt at cashing in on The XX bandwagon.
It seems to me this music is for the uninspired, pass me the sick bag.

Photo is of the Car Park Stage at Laneway Festival, just before Stornoway were to play.


Jenny and Johnny – Laneway Festival – 06/02/2011


Hey getting behind with the blog, so just a small update, this is a clip of Jenny and Johnny at the Laneway Festival recently held in Sydney. My first muck around with imovies. The Audio was so bad i have stuck another song over it. My Pet Snake.

Jenny and Johnny were brilliant, they really do rock, Jenny is a pure rock chick, if you meet her in real life I reckon she would scare you.

Definitely check them out at Glastonbury if you haven’t seen them. It was really windy when they played, and it appeared Jenny was not wearing underwear. I did not catch that.

Middle East – Enmore Theatre – 08/01/2011

Middle east aren’t from the middle east they are from Townsville in Sunny North Queensland. I think they have missed most of the flooding up there so that’s good and now they seem to have missed most of the cyclone as well.

 My wife was born in Townsville that’s about all I know of it. Except that Middle east come from there.
Middle east opened for The National and a lot of people where on hand for their folksy take on Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes.
There must be so many bands doing it now that it’s getting to be a bit of a joke where’s the rock and roll, my god, I’m looking forward to Beady Eye.
Anyway the band were okay, like most Sipports they started slowly and worked their way into it, and by the end they were Folking out.
I understand they maybe heading to Europe as well, you might see them at a small tent near you some time soon.
They are fun and would be worth a listen.

This Week’s Album Releases: 31 January 2011



A few big releases today The Go Team, visiting Australia in May to play Groovin the Moo, Chase and Status release their celebrity filled Drum and Bass effort and 2011 BBC Sound band Esben and the Witch release their debut. I have been listening to the latter for the past couple of days to review next week so you don’t. Early listens are leaving me unsatisfied.

Albums released today:

Aggro Santos – ‘
Boy George – ‘Ordinary Alien – The Kinky Roland Files’
Eva Cassidy – ‘Simply Eva’
Chapel Club – ‘Palace’
Chase And Status ‘No More Idols’
Esben And The Witch – ‘Violet Cries’
The Go! Team – ‘Rolling Blackouts’
Hercules & Love Affair – ‘Blue Songs’
Jeff The Brotherhood – ‘Heavy Days’
Ben Marwood – ‘Outside There’s A Curse’
Portico Quartet – ‘Knee Deep In The North Sea’
Skepta – ‘Doin It Again’
Regina Spektor – ‘Live In London’