All about Glastonbury Festival

Morning Benders – Oxford Arts Factory – 04/01/2011


Unfortunately my main memory of the over excitable Morning Benders is their incredibly accurate rendering of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.
Were in fact The Benders in a previous life a Fleetwood Mac cover band.
If you take a band like Fleetwood Mac and cover their stuff, you have to do it with a sense of irony, you must say, hey I listened to this in my parents record collection and thought I could punk it up, twist it about and fuck with your heads, you don’t say, hey I love Fleetwood Mac here is my Karaoke version of a mild-mannered soft rock song.
Apart from that dreary moment, MB were okay they filled the small venue that is the Oxford Arts Factory satisfactorily, they played mainly songs from their reasonable latest album. They have that dreamy rock pop feel of bands from LA without really taking it to another level.
In summary better than a night in front of the telly, but not the best band out there. If they play Glasto worth a look if nothing else is on and you’re not to far away from them.


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