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White Lies release second album ‘Ritual’ today (January 17), while Anna Calvi releases her self-titled debut album. There are also new releases from The Decemberists and Pearl Jam. Avril Lavigne drops her comeback single ‘What The Hell’, while there’s also a newie from Everything Everything with ‘Photoshop Handsome’, Adele puts out ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and PJ Harvey releases ‘Words Maketh Murder’. Albums released today: Anna Calvi – ‘Anna Calvi’ The Decemberists – ‘The King Is Dead’ Fujiya & Miyagi – ‘Ventriloquizzing’ Pearl Jam – ‘Live On Ten Legs’ Scarlette Fever – ‘Medication Time’ White Lies – ‘Ritual’

Having had a quick listen to White Lies, I am in the not sure camp at the moment, I loved the debut, but even some of that was Duran Duran esque, this is even more so, a full review at the end of the week.

Anna Calvi is garning rave reviews the NME dropped a 9 bomb on the album, it is on the wish list so should   be reviewing it in the near future


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