All about Glastonbury Festival


Who’s in Control maybe the first great anthem of 2011.

Valhalla Dancehall is a nice blend of anthems which deserve a rather large stadium to be fully appreciated combined with pop songs like “Georgie Ray” which owe some debt to David Bowie and actually nod a wink to Arcade Fire.

So very early into the New Year and they return with a stunning new album which bursts out of the speakers with the kind of joyous confidence which deserves to steer them well into the mainstream of the listening world. ‘Valhalla Dancehall’ really is made of terrific stuff! Big emotional music which cannily avoids ever being brash
or pompous despite the often epic proportions of its sonic visions.

Check out Songs of the calibre of ‘Luna’, and  ‘Observe The Skies’, ‘ and the deeply affecting ebb and flow of the magical ‘Once More Now’ 

This is certinly a fine piece of work and British Sea Power deserve to be seen at Glastonbury by a larger audience that their annual Levellers like visits are achieving.

With this and their previous Mercury nominated prize album behind them maybe they should be on the Other Stage this year.

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