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This Week’s New Music Releases: 10 January 2011

Image of British Sea Power

Image via Wikipedia

The big new music releases today (January 10) come from British Sea Power, who release their fifth album ‘Valhalla Dancehall’, and frequent Timbaland collaborator Keri Hilson, who releases her second album ‘No Boys Allowed’

Albums released today:

British Sea Power – ‘Valhalla Dancehall’
Emma’s Imagination – ‘Stand Still’
Keri Hilson – ‘No Boys Allowed’
Suuns – ‘Zero, Qc’
Tu Fawning – ‘Hearts On Hold’
Wire – ‘Red Barked Tree’

A pretty disappointing lot of albums, with only the British Sea Power worthy of investment, I can’t believe its their 5th album, I have not heard any of their previous releases but hear good things about them.

They also play Glastonbury a lot so maybe its time I get my shit together have a listen and let the world know my point of view.

Photo attached today is of the Lead Singer of Australian band The John Steele Singers, a review of their recent live show will be my next blog.


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