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Kanye West seems to be the man. The critics are raving about this new album, so finally cementing his place back at the head of the hip hop brigade after that infamous outburst against Taylor Swift. Did anyone just think that maybe the man was right ? or at least had a point.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy starts off with Dark Fantasy where he name checks Kings of Leon, and in a way Kanye West is the Kings of Leon of Hip Hop.

It’s a star studded event as is usual with most of these Moguls of Hip Hop, Gorgeous the second track features Kid Cudi and Raekwon and like its title is Gorgeous, in fact it is hard for the album to live up to the start with these 2 songs setting a strong start.

However it does and must be in the list of hip hop albums you must buy before you die list.

There is a lot of swearing and a lot of the n word but it is all done pretty well. I recommend you have a listen to this it may surprise you or you maybe one of the ones already who knows it.  

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