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Glastonbury 2010 – The Final Review

The Pyramid Stage

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So this is my final word on what is now last years Glastonbury.
My review of the best week in music of the year.
Getting There
Traffic problems were as bad as last year without the accident, maybe they need to get people in on the Tuesday, from all accounts opening the carparks up on Tuesday evening didn’t work. It could be that the England football game on the Wednesday meant a lot more people on site early.
The Festival
Music, was at least on a par with the year before if not better, Jamie T proved a worth headliner of the John Peel Tent, and Florence showed she is the new Queen of Glastonbury.
Stevie Wonder had one of the biggest pyramid Stage headline crowds ever, proving that age and middle of the road pop are no barriers to Glastonbury crowds.

Weather. It’s Britain so the weather is important and this years festival was hot hot hot, to hot for some, at times every hint of shade was used.

Football, unfortunately the Football bookended the festival and without a doubt the Sunday went flat as people trooped off to watch it and came back demoralised again. Luckily NO football this year.

So the 40th Anniversary was successful if not the incredible star studded event people may have expected.

My No 1 happening would have to be Florence and the Machine on the Other Stage, a massive afternoon crowd sweltering in hot temperatures, all loving the amazing voice and the great atmosphere.


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