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BBC Sound of 2011


The BBC has whittled their sound of 2011 down to 15 and this week starting to drop it to their  the top 5. Although not exactly cutting edge it is worth taking time out to read and listen to their views and the artists they have picked.

Past history tells us that they include some bands just about ready to hit the big time but that their Number 1 is not always the best of their 15. Ellie Goulding ahead of Delphic, La Roux ahead of Florence in the last 2 years.

I have taken a look at their top 15 and reduced it to 10 to look out for at Glastonbury 2011. Nearly all of their picks seem to play Glastonbury, maybe Emily goes out and gets them straight away.

They are

Warpaint – Excellent Debut already out

Vaccaines – The New sound of rock and roll

Yuck –

The Naked & the Famous – Passive me aggressive you album out – Dance – Kiwis

Nero – Dance

Mona – rock

Jessie J – new La Roux

Esben & the Witch – January 31 as release date for debut album Violet Cries

Clare Maguire – This weeks free single on itunes get it now.

Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi album out shortly


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