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The Big Roar is pure rock and roll. the Joy Formidable are in a sense a hard rock band but they have the sensibility of an indie band and the tunes of a stunning pop band. The formidable are indeed formidable and they have produced a big Roar.
This is an Album that hits you head on with the amazing 7 minutes and 44 seconds that is the pure adrenalin rush of The Ever Changing Spectrum of, and then neatly cannonballs into The Magnifying Glass. If you need some ruckus and genuine beauty then check out Whirring. This is a sensational record, one that you will find yourself coming back to time and time again.
I expect to see the Joy Formidable raging in the John Peel Tent sometime after 8 one night, check for me down the front.


Triple J Hottest 100 Day

The Bondi Beach, Sydney

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It’s a beautiful 33 degrees on the back deck today, as the day countdowns to the hottest 100, only 10 minutes left as I write this now.

Of course it is also Australia Day. So the flags are out, the bogans are down at Bondi Beach, and 80,000 people are at the Olympic Stadium to listen to Tool and Rammstein at Big Day Out.

For what it’s worth these were the ten songs of 2010 that I voted for

Beach House – Norway
Deerhunter – Desire Lines
Delphic – Doubt
Foals – Spanish Sahara
Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land
Jenny & Johnny – Scissor Runner
Morning Benders, The – Promises
National, The – Anyone’s Ghost
Two Door Cinema Club – Come Back Home
Warpaint – Undertow

I will be posting update comments during the day.

This Week’s New Music Releases: 24 January 2011


Adele releases her second album ’21’ today (January 24), with new albums from The Joy Formidable, Iron & Wine and Diddy Dirty Money also out.

I have bought the Joy Formidable to review this week, NME raved about it, although it seems like it is a bit of a greatest hits, even though its  a debut it has songs going back a couple of years, the rest of the releases are

Adele – ’21’
Cloud Nothings – ‘Cloud Nothings’
Cold War Kids – ‘Mine Is Yours’
Diddy: Dirty Money – ‘Last Train To Paris’
Funeral Party – ‘The Golden Age Of Knowhere’
Gang Of Four – ‘Content’
Glamour Of The Kill – ‘The Summoning’
Iron And Wine – ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’
Wanda Jackson – ‘The Party Ain’t Other’
The Joy Formidable – ‘The Big Roar’
T.I – ‘No Mercy’



White Lies were one of my bands of 2009, I saw them at Glasto and then back in Sydney soon after for a Splendour sideshow, so I was really looking forward to Ritual their second Album. Released nearly 2 years to the day after their superb debut, however that’s about all it has in common with To Lose My Life, as Ritual is a dull sounding update of my least favourite 80’s band Duran Duran.

There are a couple of good tracks, Is Love and The Power and the Glory stand out but the White Lies bandwagon has seemingly stalled at Album No 2. In a recent interview they have said they wanted to have a Kings Of Leon like career, well unfortunately they have skipped putting out 4 great Albums and gone straight to a turkey.
The only upside is that Live I feel that this material could stand up and that with their great songs from the first album they are a good bet for a good time at Glasto 2011.

Morning Benders – Oxford Arts Factory – 04/01/2011


Unfortunately my main memory of the over excitable Morning Benders is their incredibly accurate rendering of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.
Were in fact The Benders in a previous life a Fleetwood Mac cover band.
If you take a band like Fleetwood Mac and cover their stuff, you have to do it with a sense of irony, you must say, hey I listened to this in my parents record collection and thought I could punk it up, twist it about and fuck with your heads, you don’t say, hey I love Fleetwood Mac here is my Karaoke version of a mild-mannered soft rock song.
Apart from that dreary moment, MB were okay they filled the small venue that is the Oxford Arts Factory satisfactorily, they played mainly songs from their reasonable latest album. They have that dreamy rock pop feel of bands from LA without really taking it to another level.
In summary better than a night in front of the telly, but not the best band out there. If they play Glasto worth a look if nothing else is on and you’re not to far away from them.


Avril Lavigne "The Best Damn Tour", ...

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White Lies release second album ‘Ritual’ today (January 17), while Anna Calvi releases her self-titled debut album. There are also new releases from The Decemberists and Pearl Jam. Avril Lavigne drops her comeback single ‘What The Hell’, while there’s also a newie from Everything Everything with ‘Photoshop Handsome’, Adele puts out ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and PJ Harvey releases ‘Words Maketh Murder’. Albums released today: Anna Calvi – ‘Anna Calvi’ The Decemberists – ‘The King Is Dead’ Fujiya & Miyagi – ‘Ventriloquizzing’ Pearl Jam – ‘Live On Ten Legs’ Scarlette Fever – ‘Medication Time’ White Lies – ‘Ritual’

Having had a quick listen to White Lies, I am in the not sure camp at the moment, I loved the debut, but even some of that was Duran Duran esque, this is even more so, a full review at the end of the week.

Anna Calvi is garning rave reviews the NME dropped a 9 bomb on the album, it is on the wish list so should   be reviewing it in the near future


Who’s in Control maybe the first great anthem of 2011.

Valhalla Dancehall is a nice blend of anthems which deserve a rather large stadium to be fully appreciated combined with pop songs like “Georgie Ray” which owe some debt to David Bowie and actually nod a wink to Arcade Fire.

So very early into the New Year and they return with a stunning new album which bursts out of the speakers with the kind of joyous confidence which deserves to steer them well into the mainstream of the listening world. ‘Valhalla Dancehall’ really is made of terrific stuff! Big emotional music which cannily avoids ever being brash
or pompous despite the often epic proportions of its sonic visions.

Check out Songs of the calibre of ‘Luna’, and  ‘Observe The Skies’, ‘ and the deeply affecting ebb and flow of the magical ‘Once More Now’ 

This is certinly a fine piece of work and British Sea Power deserve to be seen at Glastonbury by a larger audience that their annual Levellers like visits are achieving.

With this and their previous Mercury nominated prize album behind them maybe they should be on the Other Stage this year.

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John Steele Singers – Oxford Arts Factory – 04/01/2011


The John Steele Singers are one of Triple J‘s darlings.  They have the look and sound of the moment crossing between Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons.
They started a little apprehensively there sound been a little lost and the vocals were caught high up in the beams of the venue somewhere.
However they warmed into their slot nicely as the Keyboard/Brass section started to make themselves heard.
The Lead Singer has enough of a presence to get The Singers into their own headline slots before long at this type of venue.
Australia’s very own Folk Rock band that could be heading to the UK for the summer festivals.

This Week’s New Music Releases: 10 January 2011

Image of British Sea Power

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The big new music releases today (January 10) come from British Sea Power, who release their fifth album ‘Valhalla Dancehall’, and frequent Timbaland collaborator Keri Hilson, who releases her second album ‘No Boys Allowed’

Albums released today:

British Sea Power – ‘Valhalla Dancehall’
Emma’s Imagination – ‘Stand Still’
Keri Hilson – ‘No Boys Allowed’
Suuns – ‘Zero, Qc’
Tu Fawning – ‘Hearts On Hold’
Wire – ‘Red Barked Tree’

A pretty disappointing lot of albums, with only the British Sea Power worthy of investment, I can’t believe its their 5th album, I have not heard any of their previous releases but hear good things about them.

They also play Glastonbury a lot so maybe its time I get my shit together have a listen and let the world know my point of view.

Photo attached today is of the Lead Singer of Australian band The John Steele Singers, a review of their recent live show will be my next blog.


U.S. Country music singer Taylor Swift perform...

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Kanye West seems to be the man. The critics are raving about this new album, so finally cementing his place back at the head of the hip hop brigade after that infamous outburst against Taylor Swift. Did anyone just think that maybe the man was right ? or at least had a point.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy starts off with Dark Fantasy where he name checks Kings of Leon, and in a way Kanye West is the Kings of Leon of Hip Hop.

It’s a star studded event as is usual with most of these Moguls of Hip Hop, Gorgeous the second track features Kid Cudi and Raekwon and like its title is Gorgeous, in fact it is hard for the album to live up to the start with these 2 songs setting a strong start.

However it does and must be in the list of hip hop albums you must buy before you die list.

There is a lot of swearing and a lot of the n word but it is all done pretty well. I recommend you have a listen to this it may surprise you or you maybe one of the ones already who knows it.  

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