All about Glastonbury Festival

Orbital – The Other Stage – Sunday – 10.00pm


I must have really started to flag on Sunday because the next band I saw were the other Stage headliners Orbital. I did see a bit of Julian Casablancas, had some dinner considered going to see Toots and the Maytels, but in the end decided to rejuvenate and go see Stevie Wonder.

What a massive crowd at Stevie Wonder, could hardly find a spot, in the end we thought Fuck it, and I think those were the exact words, let’s go see Orbital.
Orbitals crowd was tiny about the same as some of the smaller bands but boy it was an energetic crowd. Orbital were amazing, I love my dance music and this was as good as it gets. Pumping out the beats with an amazing Lightshow and an incredible sunset to boot. This was the way I wanted to finish off my Glastonbury , in a non drug induced dance ecstasy. Orbitals special guest was the latest Dr Who and they pumped out the tune the week the series final was played.
Orbital are Glastonbury heroes and I can see why

4 out of 5


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