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Biffy Clyro – Factory Theatre – Sydney – 11/12/10

Only Revolutions (Biffy Clyro album)

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Biffy Clyro is the 5th worst gig I have been to this year, it is also the first gig I have been to where most of the band members have gone sans tops.
It is the first gig I have been to at The Factory Theater, which is more a big hall than a theater, with possibly 500 people it’s a pretty small gig in the Biffy gig catalogue especially after they have been named one of the headliners of Sonisphere.

Admittedly they have some pretty cool songs. I love Bubbles but they chucked it out after the third song, I was just about ready to go home then. I slogged it out for another hour and a half as they went through their A to Z of hard rock to a pretty happy Sydney crowd. I tossed up about waiting through the encore to hear Mountains and what other assorted tunes they would pick to make me wait through before I could go home and managed 1 song, so what happened after that I can’t tell you.
Biffy Clyro are going to win no awards for originality in any award show that I know of except maybe Most tattooed Scottish Hard rockers in Marackville.

Since this Biffy have become the biggest band in the UK thanks to the X Factor.

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