All about Glastonbury Festival


Cover of "I Speak Because I Can"

Cover of I Speak Because I Can


Sorry about the last weeks blog less glastoblogger, I have been Xmas Partying and then feeling like crap the next day, it started on Wednesday with our work managers Xmas Party, to start with we went out Sailing and then we got on the piss, and it was actual Sailing, Gibbing, tacking all that stuff and since then I have had a sore body and sore head. Anyway, less about that and more about Laura Marling.

At Glastonbury we saw Laura play a couple of songs at the BBC Introducing stage, and it was a bit average, pretty girl, immense voice and all that but I didn’t think, fuck me better buy her albums.

But you know what its like at the end of the year there are pretty much no albums to go out and get and as she is scoring big time in the end of year critics reviews I thought it was about time I listened to I Speak Because I Can.

Laura Marling is a pretty cool chick, this album is a definite 4 star record, every song is immersive, it wants you to play it again and again, and you are rewarded time and time again with every listen.

So if you have put off buying Laura and you have loved Mumford, Bicycle and Stornoway then you better go out and get it.


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