All about Glastonbury Festival



Well it was the NME No 1 album of the year, so I thought I better buy it listen to it and review it for those of you out there like me who hadn’t before. I have only had 2 listens so I hope my review won’t come back and bite me in the bum , but I don’t like it. I had purchased We Want War before Glastonbury so I could decide on whether or not to see them and decided against it. After listening to the album I am still happy with my decision.
I pity the NME, their decision, also this week they looked back at their last 35 albums of the year decisions and there are some pretty odd ones there. No Radiohead, No Sex Pistols amongst others. Even last year The XX and Florence were beaten by the Horrors. One of the best fiasco’s was Franz Ferdinand album of the year but then couldn’t get in the top 100 albums of the decade.
I will not be able to fit These New Puritans in my top ten this year.

Back to the album, its okay, just nothing special, in a year where they have been some great albums.


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