All about Glastonbury Festival

Cricket Series Downunder


What does the Ashes Cricket series and Glastonbury have in common. Not much I reckon, except maybe Lily Allen. Lily is a huge cricket fan and a regular performer and attendee of Glastonbury.
So this fact alone gives me the right to discuss the Ashes.
Currently the Ashes is the biggest thing happening in Australia, everyone is talking about it, and the series has got off to a flyer, the first 4 days have ebbed and flowed like only a great test match can.
I have got into it so much that I am going to get tickets for a day when it on in Sydney.
I’m probably just supporting England over Australia at this stage, as I have UK citizenship but I have an Aussie daughter and a Pommie son, so I could go either way.
I am hoping the rest of the tests continue in the same great way this one has.

By the way the photo is of Gang of Four, and they are the next band to be dissected in my weekly review of bands  I saw at Glasto on Wednesday 


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