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Biffy Clyro

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Biffy Clyro, not really heard any of their old stuff, but don’t they sound like the Foo Fighters. Is that a bad thing to say, I know they have a massive Scottish following, but hey so did The Proclaimers.

Biffy were one of this years surprise guests on the Park Stage, so I suppose Emily Eavis is a fan. Also fans were our Scottish Neighbors at Glastonbury. I won’t mention names but one of the young ladies had taken things to a stalker like level and seen Biffy about a million times. It wasn’t a million but the number was so staggering a huge intake of breath was heard in the John Peel area when we heard the number.

What about the album I hear you say, how good is it, should we buy it. Well in most parts it does sound like a Foo fighters album but occasionally they reach higher heights and sound like, well , Biffy Clyro I suppose.

Bubbles is a great song, one of the best of the year and God and Satan is pretty cool to. Hey its only 4.99 on itunes including a load of video’s so probably its worth a listen.

I am going to go see them live next month in a 800 capacity venue, so will report back about their live show. They are over here supporting Muse and are playing a one-off. I haven’t been to the venue so it’s going to be pretty great.

Hard Rock night here I come.


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